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I Can Has Train Ticket ^^

Yes, it's a horrible title. No, I couldn't think of anything else. The only problem I have with it right now is that the departure time from Chatham is 2:48 in the afternoon, and I really doubt I'm going to want to be up that early :s I'm quite fine with the arrival time (3:45), because like I said a couple times already, I figure it'll take me about an hour to get to the apartment, and I'll more than likely stop by Wendys or some other fast food place on the way there to grab something to eat. It really is nice having something like this to look forward to :3

Unfortunately though, like that time I walked to 7-11 and Tim Hortons a while back, my pants were falling down half of the way to the train station :x I can literally do what the guy in this picture is doing with his pants (just without quite so much empty space), and it's not a good thing ;_; Also in that picture though, I like how his shirt is tucked in. Hmm~

And it just had to rain today. It was supposed to yesterday night, but never did, although I suppose that's alright. It's nice to be inside when it is, but it's really a pain when you want to go somewhere. It wasn't as busy as Steve made it sound like it was going to be either, but I'm sure that'll have changed tonight. Next time I work is Sunday though, but that's going to be fun anyways, because I get to close with Earl and Cindy. Feh. That Cindy being the one that's becoming a manager too, seeing as Cindy L. quit, and I could be sure I saw her while we were getting groceries yesterday. Mind you, if it was her, she's apparently working there now...

Anyways, I have the whole night ahead of me now, so I think the first thing I'm going to do is see about (re)organizing my closet~


Quick comment just because I can lol
Congrats on getting your ticket
My brother can have an arsenal of weaponry in his pants and has proved that a few times
And as for the rain I've been waiting for it for the past four days so its nice even though I have to walk to work and back home today...
Quick reply because I can ^^

Maybe it's not quite worth making such a big deal about, but given that I literally cannot remember the last time I took a train anywhere (specific dates, anyways), I might as well~

And, umm... proven it, you say? I'm not sure I want to know how, but good for him anyways :p

As for the rain hopefully you don't get too wet then. I can see walking home being better, but it's still not fun either way :s