Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Boring Day

I probably shouldn't complain too much though, seeing as I get to close for a full week starting tomorrow. I am looking forward to the walking to and home, but not the actual working :p But we do get paid this week, so there's that too, although if I remember right, that full week I had off a little while back will be showing up on this one. Feh.

Never got around to tidying up my closet last night, and I doubt I will tonight either, because there's not that much space in there to begin with :\ I do, however, think I'll head to 7-11 and Tim Hortons a bit later on, because I've really been wanting to spoil myself lately, and I might as well do so while I have the day off ^^ That won't be for another couple hours yet though, so meh. Speaking of which, I should probably go put my laundry in the dryer...

Well actually, there is one other thing I could do tonight, but it's going to take a while even if I do start now. There's an external hard drive I bought a while back that, for the longest time, has been sitting next to the computer downstairs without so much as being turned on. So yesterday night, I brought it up here, connected it to my laptop, and transferred all the files to one of the other external drives I have. So now, there's a 300GB one that I'm using entirely for TV shows and movies (I recently "found" MacGyver, and 44.5GB for seasons 1 through 7 is quite a bit of space), and the other (120GB, I think) one is being used for music, random pictures (there's actually a folder on it called "Random Pictures"), wallpapers, and other such things. Then there's a third one I have too, but it's effectively a copy of the 120GB one, for the sake of redundancy, and because it's physically much smaller.

Problem is one of the folders on the second drive has who knows how many duplicate files in it, and it really needs to be organized anyways, so I might at least start on that.

Anyways, laundry~

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