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Slight Change(s)

That other theme was getting really old, and I tried to use the colors from this one in it, but that didn't work out (or moreso, I didn't have the patience to see if there was an option to set the entry background color), but I like this one anyways. The only problem(s) with it right now are that I'd like the "Edit", and "Add to Memories" (at very least) links to appear down there with the "Leave a comment" one. I can edit the text on the customization page, but it doesn't show up in here :\ Also on the topic of the "Leave a comment" link, I need to think of something new to put there. It makes me blush to even think about it, but I was going to have it say "Leave a Pawprint", but then what would the other one be? It wouldn't make sense to say "Read All", but... feh. I'll figure something out ^^;

There was something interesting in the kitchen when I came down here though. Specifically, a clipping from what I assume was a Wal-Mart flyer, with a little note attached. I scanned it, of course, so go here and take a look. Last time I recall anything being said about that was back when we were still in public school. To the best of my memory "Have you heard of a game called Duke Nukem 3D?" I can't speak for Adam or Naomi, but being as silly as I was back then, I said "No", in hopes that they'd just say "That's good, but if you do, we want you to tell us." It is a videogame, plain and simple. Where GTAIV is concerned, I have no interest in buying it right now, because the only game I play on the 360 is Guitar Hero III, and we don't have a PS3. If and when the PC version comes out I might see about... "acquiring" it, just to see what all the hype is / was about.

Getting back to the note though, it's funny. "Your very life may depend on it"? How so? Are you saying that if one of us goes out and buys the game, you'll kill us? I know what he's (Dad) is going for in this case, and believe me, "lifestyle" would be a vastly more appropriate word. But to be honest, I don't enjoy being told what I can and cannot do in the first place. Feh.

Ooh, and even more excitement now. Pop was stolen from Dad's fridge in the basement yesterday night. Naomi is responsible, and my reasons for saying so are as follows: Adam and I both have full-time jobs, and thus can buy those sorts of things with our own money. Secondly, when I went downstairs to grab my shirt for work (I dropped it when I took everything out of the dryer, evidently), the light in the front hallway was on. Naomi is the only one that does that, and frankly, I can't believe she's still afraid of the dark. Most definitively, Dad said he found "her cans", and told her to "Get off of it" after which she said something like "Oh, just stop", and ran upstairs.


Such are the fun things that (still) go on around here...

The pop thing reminds me of something else though: starting this Thursday (since that's when we get paid), I'm going to try to limit myself to $20 per pay for going to 7-11, Tim Hortons, or wherever else to get snacks. The way things are right now isn't so bad for eating alot, because I like to think the walking to / home from work I do is helping, but I still intend to have 10k in my bank account by the end of the year, and we're already into May :\ I know I don't have to say it in here, but a little accountability can't hurt~

And I've just been informed we're going to Swiss Chalet in about 20 minutes, because the hamburger Mom was going to use for the spaghetti sauce for supper has gone bad or something. Meh. Works for me~

Otherwise, I'm not looking forward to work tonight for having to close with Earl, but we'll see what happens, I guess :3

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