Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Quite as Bad as Expected

Why did I keep all those boxes in the first place? I finally got around to collapsing / cutting up and discarding all the boxes I've had sitting under my bed for about half a year now, because they were really just taking up space. Well, to be technical, I saved two which I'm using to store those fur throws, but the other ones are now in the garbage. I guess I thought I'd have need for them eventually :x

Anyways though, fun facts about last night's close:

[1] Earl does not care about line being bagged / the fry dump being done / whatever else, as long as it's not too early. We usually start that stuff as soon as possible, but he prefers it to be left 'till 9 or 10.
[2] Like Karen, he (Earl) does not seem to understand wringing the mop out after dunking it in the bucket, nor what it means to do a thorough sweep.
[3] Quarter-to and five-to are the same thing where cleaning the grill is concerned.
[4] Closing five minutes early is fine, as long as there aren't still customers waiting then.

In all, it wasn't a bad night (aside from the walk home), although I did not enjoy having both Earl and Steve tell me to tuck my shirt in and put my name tag on when I hadn't even clocked in. But that's another fun point: one easy way to annoy just about everyone there is to refuse to clock in 'till the exact hour you're supposed to start. Or maybe it's just stubbornness on my part, but I'll freely admit to that. The walk was bad because I started out way too quickly which made my ankles really sore, and by the time they finally "stopped" I was only five minutes from the house. Hopefully tonight goes a bit better.

Oh, and that's another interesting thing. Naomi just came down here and asked me where I got my passport pictures taken. Told her "the place in the mall" (I couldn't think of "Sears" right away, and besides, it won't hurt her to look it up on her own), and that it cost $20. Not quite true there. It was actually closer to $22, but they were able to give me some discount. Then Adam piped in with how he needs his as well. The amusing thing about Naomi wanting to get hers is that she's not even making enough at her job to chip in for the internet, so how is she going to pay the $87? Even more if she takes it to the post office... Oh well. I have the satisfaction in this case of knowing that I've already sent my application off, and thus have a bit of a lead. I highly doubt they want to get theirs to go to a furry con, but then again, it'd be more weird if they did :p

And finally, Mother's Day was brought up at Swiss Chalet last night by Dad, who wanted to know if we had any plans. Adam's already bought Mom one of those waffle makers from Smittys (right in front of her, might I add :s), but I suggested taking her out for supper, and we decided on Boston Pizza. Dad phoned and made the reservations when we got home, so they're for the 11th (obviously), at 6pm. Good thing I have that day off :3 Never been there before though, and Adam says it's expensive, so I plan on chipping in $50, and most likely leaving for work fifteen minutes or so earlier than normal, so I can head to Shoppers and get her a card.

So tonight, I'm closing with Michelle and hopefully someone else, which means that once again, there's a 50% chance of me being on drive through, so I should probably get the dishes here done now. That can wait for a bit longer though~

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