Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe Tonight

I *was* going to pick up some candy or something on the way home from work, but we ended up doing a food swap with Dominos, which saw me eat four or five pieces of pizza (as well as some cheesy bread) which felt like quite enough :s The good part of it though is that the amount on my pay stub was ~$350, but there's a bad side to that too. Consider that it's the first pay of the month, and Mom and Dad will be getting their $205 right away for those various things. Then also, I plan on contributing $50 for taking Mom to Boston Pizza, and I plan on getting her a card and putting $40 inside. So there goes exactly $295 right there, and I'll most likely spend at least $20 more before the 22nd (our next pay). Feh.

On the topic of the card though, instead of leaving for work early and risking either taking too much time at Shoppers or the card getting bent, I just plan on taking yet another different way home on Thursday. What I have in mind is more or less the same as this, except I'll be walking down Keil to Park Ave, then heading towards Sobeys. I could save that 'till Friday or Saturday, but I don't want to leave it 'till the last minute. I still will head to the bank to withdraw the money on one of those nights, but that's completely different.

So as for work, outside of the food swap, it was throughly stressful and annoying. Not as bad as some other nights, but the store was still a mess right up 'till midnight or so, and it was annoyingly busy / steady on top of that. I know I've said it before, but I was able to finish making one order, and another customer would pull into the drive through, or someone would come into the dining room. We got out of there in good time though (thanks in no small part to Michelle letting us close at quarter to without knowing what time it was), but it was still frustrating. Tonight it's Michelle, Joe, and me, which should be alright, but Joe seems to have gotten himself a reputation for being slow and "dopey", so we'll have to see what that's all about. Hopefully it stops raining before 7 too, or else I'll be getting a ride there again :\

Anyways, I believe that's it once again. I'd like to find something to eat before Mom and Naomi get back from wherever they've gone, so I might as well right now~

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