Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Why Wait?

Took that long(er) way home yesterday night, which ended up being about an hour and a half worth of walking, but meh. It was fun and nice out too, except for one thing. Stopped at Tim Hortons on the way home (the one on Keil), and bought ~$3 worth of stuff, which I paid for with a twenty. The cashier gave me 6-something back, then told me she still owed me another 5, so she gave me that, and I left. As I was crossing over the street to the ATM (to get the money to put in Mom's card) I realized I should've gotten three fives back. What did I do though? Reasoned that if somebody did that to me at work, I wouldn't believe them, and just kept walking. It's only five dollars, I know, but I still badly want to go back there, find that same employee, and ask "Are you *trying* to shortchange your customers?" Feh.

Whenever I'm feeling in the mood to take an even longer route home though, I'm going to go the same way as I did yesterday night, except keep walking down Park Ave. straight through to Queen, and head home from there. Why? There's something strangely pleasing about turning only one direction the entire way home, and if I were to go that way, I'd always be turning left~

Work was alright, mainly because it was like Monday night again (slow after ~11), but Michelle couldn't make it for whatever reason, so Cindy ended up closing. Not bad for her first close on her own (without another manager there to show her what to do), but unfortunately, she's on the list with both Karen and Earl now too for not knowing how to wring the mop out. Maybe I'm just being overly fussy about it, but it's one of those *cough* "If I can be bothered to do it, why can't you?" things. Oh, and Joe is indeed slow, where washing dishes is concerned. On an unrelated note though, according to him, should I choose to walk home this coming Tuesday, he'll be walking with me. I know I will be, for three reasons now (the third being the price of gas lately), and the company will be a nice change, so meh.

Speaking of company, Josh got to bothering me last night about what I went to London for again, and I simply told him "I went to visit some friends". Cue the usual "Oh, I know! He went to visit his girlfriend... Oh, no! He went to visit his boyfriend~" stuff, then he got this serious look on his face, stared straight at me, and said "No, I'm really curious. What did you go for?" Dear Josh: I told you I went to visit some friends. That's really all there was to it. Once you move up to London, I might, circumstances permitting, visit you at work and explain what's different about those friends, and thus also the other reason I went, but if not / until then, why can't you just take my word for it? I was thinking about sending him an email explaining things, but no. Well, not yet, at any rate.

Otherwise, meh. It's 3:30 in the afternoon, so I'll probably head downstairs sometime soon, but before I do, I need to figure out just what I've done to Firefox. I installed this extension last night, because for the past several days, I've had enough space in my tab bar to open one or two new tabs before the scrollbar would appear, and it works (I've got nine open as I write this), but it seems to have broken both LiveClick as well as Smart Tooltip ;_; Perhaps restarting Firefox will fix that though. Oh, and I also installed FunPidgin, which seems to have deleted my "Foxies!" smiley theme :\ I know I can remake that without too much difficulty though, so hopefully I can have those problems fixed before I leave for work tonight.

I believe I'm closing with Michelle, Steve, and Manoah, so it shouldn't be a bad night, but that's what I thought about Tuesday at first too ^^;

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