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Just a Bit too Late

The new schedule is up at work, and I have next Saturday and Sunday off. I can't help but think it would've been fun to see about going to the mini-golf fursuiting event in London, then more than likely have just enough time to get back here and head to work ^^; The ticket I have is for the 26th though, but it's going to be fun going back to the furmeet again as well as getting out of Chatham for another day or so. I can wait for a few more weeks~ I sort of have plans for the 18th too, but they're weird. I technically don't have to be here, but just somewhere that I'm able to access a computer that's connected to the internet. I'll probably just find something to do around the house though, but that still works :3

So yeah. Today has been largely the same as usual again. The only unexpected thing was someone knocking on the door (who I thought was Josh at first) that had an envelope for me that I needed to sign for, but meh. It's nothing worth mentioning (yet).

Work was pretty much normal, in that it wasn't extremely busy, but not really slow, and as per usual with Steve, we closed at ten to, and were out of there at about ten after. I was awfully chatty with Manoah though, which was strange. I seem to have nights like that from time to time though, where I talk so much my throat begins to hurt. Thankfully they're fairly uncommon :s Withdrew that money for Mom and Dad on the way home, and took a vastly shorter route than yesterday night (up to McNaughton, down Woods, right at Lacroix, and home from there), but it was still nice. This whole walking home thing has something else interesting to it too though. In my entire life, I've seen a single rabbit in the "wild". As in, out on it's own, and not somebody's pet. And that was back when I was a kid, and we spent our afternoons doing whatever in Tecumseh park. Anyways though, since I started walking home from work, I've seen *five* Most recent was last night, walking down the street that connects Richmond and Park Ave (I can't think of the name, but I know it was "built" not too long ago), but it's still fun, in an interesting sort of way. And then tonight I saw a cat in the Wellington Center parking lot. Yay ^^

As for tomorrow, outside of going to work, my plans are *possibly* (if she's able to accommodate it) going over to visit the lady Mom works for, and see about removing a virus from her computer. Apparently I'll be getting paid $10 to do so, which raises an interesting point. At first I was going to wait 'till the 20th, because she wouldn't have the money 'till then, but I told Mom it'd make more sense to go over there as soon as possible, because I don't plan on taking money unless I know the problem is fixed. And in this case, my thoughts are more "Running a virus scanner is not something you should have to pay me for", but feh.

The other problem with it is whether it's even a virus or not. I know Dad would call both a virus and spyware the same thing, and that's where the problem comes in. How computer literate is she? Probably not very considering this, but oh well. I burned the DOS version of F-Prot to a CD, and have ClamWin Portable, and the installers for AVG Free and AdAware 2008 on my USB stick. It'd help alot more if I could actually see the computer, but oh well.

Otherwise, I should probably tidy up my dresser a bit (or at least sort out the pile of money on it), then I'm going to play Picross DS 'till I get tired enough to go to sleep~


Just thought I would add a comment about the rabbits, If your looking for a large population for shits and giggles walk to mud creek park (or atleast I'm pretty sure thats what its called.) Its at the end of wedgewood on tweedsmur theres I think around twenty there at the moment. ..Random facts lol..