Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Night...

I'm not entirely looking forward to it for two reasons though. One being that we didn't get a bar rush yesterday night (and thus we more than likely will tonight), and the other being Manoah. I mentioned how Josh had been bothering me about what I went to London for, then he wouldn't stop with the questions either. He wants to know specifically what I went for, and I told him even if I were to say then and there, he wouldn't know what it was, so I'd tell him on MSN. Got home, logged in using Mom's email account and added him, but by the time I went to bed, he hadn't asked anything, so meh. Is it really a secret worth hiding? No, but at this point, I can't see how being furry has anything to do with work...

Before I agreed to tell him though, I'd mentioned that I was going back at the end of this month, which got a "Huh! Maybe I should come along" from him. That'd actually be rather fun, but I doubt it'd happen, namely for him not wanting to pay for a train ticket there and back, as well as finding somewhere to stay. Oh well~ I'm sure I'll hear about it from him tonight, and I won't see him for several days after this, so that'd actually work out much better.

And on that note, thinking about that stuff and watching one too many episodes of MacGyver before going to bed is a more or less surefire way to cause strange dreams.

One involved me already being at the apartment, getting ready to go to bed, and seeing Cola standing in the doorway, so I said "Thanks again for letting me stay here overnight", to which he said "Yeah", which didn't quite feel right. But then somehow I was out in the hallway wandering around, and had this feeling that somebody was following / coming after me, so I went down to the first floor, and to the front door. Took my footpaws off first, because apparently I had been wearing them, and I didn't want them to get dirty outside, then I ran out the door all the way to the end of the "front face" of the building, around a row of bushes, and back up as close as I could get to the front door again. Knelt down, and tried to peek through the bushes to see whoever it was, but nobody ever came out :s

One of the other ones (I can only remember the one above and this one though) was more depressing. It was centered around a cat with some sort of small bomb around it's eyes. The "bad guy" (it was actually a woman, if it makes a difference) said something about how if we didn't cooperate, she'd detonate the bomb, and the cat would suffer for the rest of it's life. Said lady disappeared after that, so some other lady and a guy that was with us too started running (to where, I don't know), while I picked up the cat and started running after them. Probably ten seconds later I stopped, yelled at them to stop too, and held up the cat towards them, put my head down, and said something like "I... just can't do it...", and asked them to try removing the bomb. They both said it was too late, and that the best option left was to get outside, and let the cat run away, after which, well, whatever happens happens. Then I actually woke up, thought about it for a minute, said to myself "That dream really was depressing" and went to the bathroom :x

It still seems really strange / alarming going to bed as the sun is coming up too, but I'm sure that will change soon enough. Although I just know that once we go back to our summer hours (at the end of the month), there will be a Friday or Saturday night where we don't get out of there 'till 5, and by the time I get home, the sun will likely be at least part of the way up. Meh. All I care about right now is that I get enough sleep.

And otherwise, tomorrow is Mother's Day, but the only thing I really have to do is write something in the card I bought. Mom and Dad are both gone out to see a movie, so I have plenty of time right now, but that can wait 'till I get home from work.

I think that's it though. There's a note on the counter that says something about making cookies when they get back, so hopefully those are done before I have to leave, but otherwise, meh~

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