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A Change in Routine is Always Nice

Normally when I get home from work, I sit down in the living room in front of my laptop, check a couple things, bring it upstairs, and do whatever 'till I get tired enough to go to sleep. Tonight, however, I took it out into the kitchen, sat down at the table, and watched an episode of MacGyver while I ate my "supper". Normally I just forgo supper completely, and have a small snack when I get home from work, but I'm willing to make an exception for steak and the certain kind of potatoes that were made (cook them, scoop out the inside, add cheese / whatever else, and put the potato back in the skin) ^^ There were and still are plenty of those chocolate chip cookies left too, but I've had enough of those for now.

Work was alright, and of course the bar rush started at 2:40, but all the cars were gone by 3, so we closed, and were out of there within half an hour or so. I had planned on taking that hour-long way home, but in between starting out way too quickly which caused my legs to get sore again, and not really feeling like being out and about for an hour at ~3:30 in the morning, I took the route down Sandys. Unfortunately, I had to walk by what I'm going to refer to as the colossal eyesore again (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about), but on the way there tonight, I noticed that it said "Happy Mother's Day", so perhaps it'll have been taken down by next time I have to work~

Before I move on to something else though, a couple more interesting things that happened at work. Note that I was on drive through for the entire night, just so I don't have to mention in each one of the following.

[1] A lady came through with her daughter (at least I assume it was her daughter), and ordered, among other things, a bag of twists. When she got up to the window, she asked if she could exchange the twists for "Churros" (except it sounded like "Cheerios" when she said it). Had I not read this a while back, I wouldn't have had a clue what she was talking about. As whoever submitted that did though, I told her all we had were twists and pies, but it didn't go anywhere after that :s

[2] Some guy, after having paid for his order, said he had a question. Figured it was about the food or our hours or something, but what did he have to ask? I quote: "How in the hell did you lose so much weight?!" Apparently he met me about a year ago (or so he said), and in his own words I was a "big guy" back then. Then he asked me how I did it, and it was all I could think of to say "Nothing, really... I just walk to and home from work...?" What is one supposed to say in that sort of situation? It's the third or fourth time now I've had somebody tell me I've lost weight, and I'd love nothing more than to just say "Yes, and...?"

[3] Another guy. I'll call him Mr. Chatty. After I took his order, he asked if we had "Those cheesy beefy things", and I said yes (we have them for as long as we have the button, or so we're told), followed by him asking why it wasn't on the menu board. Explained that we didn't know how much longer we'd have it for, after which he wanted to know what it was like. Said it was sort of similar to a meximelt, except bigger, and with different stuff inside, and yeah. What's a meximelt? What comes on the cheesy beefy melt? Which is better. That, or a chicken soft taco? Then when he finally pulled up to the window, he felt the need to tell me he hadn't been "here" in a while, but yeah.

[4] I've probably mentioned him before, but one of our regular customers is known as the "Bean burrito guy" because he always gets two with no red sauce. Well, not *always*, but often enough to keep the name. He also goes by the nickname "Bushman" for some unknown (at least to me) reason. So he came through around 2 tonight, and while he was at the window, was talking to some girl standing outside his car. I turned away to grab his order, and when I turned back, she was sitting in the passenger seat. Gave him the food, and he pulled away, followed by another girl from the vehicle behind him running after them saying "Hey, Bushman! Get back here with my girlfriend!" Then he held up the line for several minutes ;_; It was really one of those "Had to be there" type things, but meh. It was quite amusing at the time~

[5] Manoah said not a word about the MSN / London thing I mentioned in my previous entry, which I'm quite fine with, because I decided he really doesn't need to know after all. Like I said, it doesn't concern work, and I only ever see him at work, so there should be no need for him to worry about it. Josh, yes, but as I told him when I asked if he'd be my guarantor for my passport application, I'll tell him why I want it if he really wants to know. Same thing goes for why I went to London, because yes, even though I don't see him a whole lot anymore, he still is my friend.

As for non-work stuff though, I take back what I said before about Stricken not being in Guitar Hero III. I finally noticed it in the list this afternoon. It's a fun song to play, but how is it that I didn't remember it was there? I beat career mode on Expert, so I must've played through it at least once... I notice there are a couple new track packs released for it too, but those will be waiting 'till next time I get paid.

Anyways, I'd go on, but I've forgotten the rest of the stuff I wanted to write (if anything) and it's already 6:22, so I should probably call it a night (or morning)~

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