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At Least I Was Able to Sleep In

I still woke up at 2 as usual, but went back to sleep after that 'till 4:30 or so. Had *four* more strange dreams in that time as well.

[1] I was at work, on drive through, and was just heading back to the bathroom when a car pulled up, so I told them "I'll be with you in just a minute, okay?" My laptop was sitting on the back of the toilet for some reason, so I walked up to it, and opened Pidgin to check who was online. For some reason, there were four entries in the list, so I took a look at the 4th, and for some reason, Cola was in the list twice. I looked away for a second, then when I turned back, and noticed that there was now room for the list to scroll up and down. Scrolled down a bit further, and there he was a 3rd time. Moused over his userpic in order to right-click it and send him a message, and noticed the larger sized picture was different than the other one. Clicked "IM" anyways though, and had just enough time to type (but not send) "WHAT ARE YOU?!", then the customer that was waiting said "Hello?" or something, and asked what "That new chalupa thing you guys have is". Asked him if he wanted to know what came on it, and he got all angry, said no, then "What *is* it?" Told him it was a club chalupa, and the dream ended :s

[2] Apparently it was the 26th already. I was walking down the sidewalk towards the post office, which I thought was (and was in the dream) the train station, and noticed a sign in the window that said they still had tickets left, but that they were upwards of $100. Thought to myself that it was good I got mine at the beginning of the month, then walked in, and sat down facing the window. Pulled out my ticket to check the departure time, just to be sure I was there when I was supposed to be, and for some reason, saw I was more than an hour early. Figured nothing of it, because I had enough to do in the meantime. Made sure I had everything I wanted to bring with me, but noticed I didn't have my DS, but just as I was about to say "Oh well. I didn't *really* need it", I noticed it in my pocket.

[3] This one was a dream within a dream type thing. I was asleep in the same bed that's actually in my room, having some sort of bad dream, but it eventually ended, and I woke up. First thing I did then is what I normally do whenever I wake up (for now, at least), that being checking a couple things on my laptop. Mainly uTorrent right now, because I have one file set to high priority at a time, and when it finishes downloading, I put it on "Skip", because I find that if I don't, it'll eventually be redownloaded for some reason, and then I put the next file in the list on high. With that out of the way, the first thing I noticed in the dream was that Cola had IMed me about something strange that just happened, and I was about to tell him about the dream I just had, but I couldn't figure out the right way to say it, then I actually completely woke up.

[4] Don't really know how this one started, but I had received a large box. A large box with all manner of furry items inside. All I can remember were a (very) large leopard-spotted comforter (larger than the one on my bed right now), a second giant tail, and a bright orange tiger-striped tail and paws to go with it. Those sorts of dreams can be so cruel ;_;

Ended up sending Manoah an email explaining why I went to London before going to bed too. I had and still have no intention of telling him in MSN, but I do feel sort of bad that I said I would, just to decide not to. Having said that, the relevant bit is as follows:

"...what does the word "furry" mean to you? Covered in fur, or something along these lines? The latter is what we're talking about in this case.

Like I told you, I went to visit some friends, whom, along with me, are furries. Or perhaps it'd be more appropriate to say "furry fan" because as much as I'm sure I / they would love to be anthropomorphic animals, such a thing is physically impossible, with a couple exclusionary stipulations (for example, remember when I wore that tail in on Halloween?) ;_; Anyways they have a small gathering on Monday night, wherein other furries that live in London come to their apartment to hang out, chat with each other, and usually watch a movie or some other activity. So that's what I went to London for, and is also what I'm heading back to on the 26th. The reason I went to there for it is that I'd already been there once in the past, and wanted to go back again but didn't know where the apartment was, and where I'd stay overnight, and also, there are very few furries in this city. I can think of five, maybe six, at least one of whom I know you've met (they worked at Taco Bell for a bit). It honestly does get sort of lonely after a while."

*shrug* I would've linked to the Wikipedia page, but Wikifur's isn't nearly as long~ And of course, the email did contain a curt paragraph requesting he not tell anyone that works at Taco Bell. I don't care if they find out on their own, and I could care less about him telling someone that doesn't work there. One way or another, the only problem I might end up facing now is Josh somehow finding out, and getting angry at me for not telling him first. That'll be his problem though, because all he has to do is ask.

And now I have something to do with part of my night. Mom called Terry (the lady she works for), and we'll be going over there at 7:30 to see about fixing her computer. I suppose that means I should probably tidy up my desktop while I have a chance then. I downloaded several more DS homebrew games and ROMs, and they're still on my desktop right now :p

On a final note though, I've gone back to the old theme, obviously. The only thing I have to be fussy about with it is that I can't see any way to edit the "Track This" text :\ I like it otherwise, and that's really not noticeable unless you look right at it, so meh. It'll do 'till next time I decide to change it for a couple days ^^;


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