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I Can't Decide Whether it's a Step Back, or a Step Forward

Concerning that computer problem: after some more searching on Google for the specific STOP error (0x0000007B, I think), I found a couple sites that said something to the effect of it being caused by any major hardware change. Motherboard, for example. That certainly would do it, in this case. So I brought the hard drive back over to them, hooked everything up, and turned the computer on. It got stuck POSTing, or at least the little white loading bar never filled up :s So Stuart (Terry's husband) turned it off, convinced that it was a problem with the hard drive, and probably five or six attempts at unplugging the hard drive and fiddling with the jumper, it would turn on, but nothing would show on the monitor. Or more specifically, the monitor stayed in standby mode. Offered to take the whole computer home and try it with our monitor, and ours says "No Signal" too :\ Feh. Stuart said he'd just get somebody else to look at it, but that he'd still give me the $10 *before* I offered to take it home, and I should've just said "Alright. The viruses should be removed, but I'm not sure what the problem with the monitor is. Sorry."

I saw a shirt on some site before going to bed that said "No, I will not fix your computer." I need one of those ;_; There was also one that simply said "Meh." though. I need one of those as well, except without the period. Such apathy in only three letters <3

In other news though, I'm closing with Michelle and Cam tonight, which should hopefully go about the same as yesterday night did. With some added running down to drive through to show Cam how to ring whatever in, of course. Joe ended up getting a ride home from Michelle yesterday because he had a headache and generally wasn't feeling well, but that's fine, I guess. If all goes as planned tonight, I'm going to try taking that route where I only turn left tonight, just to see how long that takes. I figure if I can walk 7km in about one hour, I can do ten in an hour and a half or so, but we'll see. I don't plan on bringing any money with me either, outside of my debit card, and a quarter in the event I need to use a payphone. At least not tonight.

Ooh, the phone is ringing. That reminds me of something :3 As we were walking down the hallway to Terry's apartment, I asked Mom when our next appointment to get our hair cut was. Usually it's on a Monday, and what did she say? The 26th. Not going to happen. Explained that I was going back to London on that day, and she said she'd have to phone Susan to see about changing the date. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, she asked me just what I was going to London for. All serious-like too. Told her the same thing I've told everyone else though. I went to visit some friends. Of course, she asked how / where I knew those friends from, and I just said "Online".

And otherwise, I'm once again getting repeatedly disconnected from the wireless internet, which is starting to get really annoying, but I only have season 7 of MacGyver left to download, after which the whole torrent is getting set to "Low" priority. Or perhaps outright removed from uTorrent, because Demonoid is really the only tracker I care about seeding on, and I didn't download the torrent from there.

Speaking of MacGyver though, I really need to stop watching it before I go to bed. Had yet another weird dream last night, where either Josh or Dad and I were driving around London looking for the apartment. We must've gone too far or something, because eventually we ended up out in the outskirts of the city. The weird thing about it was there were all sorts of large, black and grey futuristic-looking statues around us, and the other roads, that I took to be some sort of "publicity display" by the city council or some other governing body. Instead of turning back though, we kept driving along the road (which was actually a highway), and eventually came across a man and a woman running along opposite sides of the road, shooting at each other, and using the passing vehicles for cover :s That's all I can really remember, and it's not to say that they aren't cool, but they're still so weird at the same time. The best part about it is I'm only two episodes into season 3. It's going to be at least a couple months before my dreams go back to normal ^^;

But anyways, it's 6:30, and I still plan on walking *to* work as long as it's not raining, so this'll be done once again~

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