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1.5 Hours / 90 Minutes / 5400 Seconds

It didn't seem to take quite that much time, but it was still a *long* walk. Next time I go that way will more than likely be next Thursday though, because we get paid then, and I'd like to go to Sobeys to get some snacks / candy for a change. That all depends on how much I get paid, of course, but I did just work a full week of closes, so yeah :p

Work tonight was fairly busy, and if there's one thing I might say about Cam being on drive through, it's that he's incredibly slow. I'm sure he'll get better / quicker at it eventually, but the problem is getting to that point :s Aside from him though, not much to mention, but we got out of there at 1:30, which is alright. And given that I only work two more shifts this week, I think I'll leave my money at home again tomorrow, then go to 7-11 / wherever else on Friday. More than likely just 7-11 (perhaps both though), because I really doubt Tim Hortons would have anything "good" at ~4 in the morning :x

So tomorrow, we're going grocery shopping at 4, and I work at 8. Such fun. Manoah's closing though, so I'm looking forward to seeing if he says anything about the email I sent him. I doubt he's even read it yet, but meh. We'll see~

Anyways though, I'm going back to watching this, because it's getting interesting (and really, really creepy too), but first, I must go downstairs and find something to nibble on~

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