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I Can't Think of What I Was Going to Use as a Title

It's too early in the morning though. I started writing this at exactly 4:43, but it's now 6, and yeah. Being up this long is good when I have something on my mind that I wouldn't want to write about normally, and believe me, there could be something, but I already uploaded another picture that says it well enough. Anyways though, the main part of this entry:

[1] I got there with ~30 minutes to spare tonight, so I grabbed a cup, filled it with water, then sat down at one of the tables and started working on another piece of one of the puzzles in Mario's Picross 2 on my PSP. Played that 'till about quarter-to, then went to head inside and change into my uniform. As soon as I opened the door, Michelle asked / said "Can you please start right away". It wasn't exactly a question, hence the lack of question mark. Told her that although I could see that there were quite a few orders on the boards, by the time I got changed, she'd probably have half of them done, then turned to head back to the bathroom. She said something else about "Well hurry up then". Shouted back to her that I never agreed to start early, then started grumbling to myself about it.

A couple minutes later, Joe came back, pounded on the door, and said Michelle wanted me to hurry up because she really needed help on line. Literally yelled at him that I didn't say I was going to start right away, and a few more minutes after that, he came back again to say she was serious. Good. For. Her. More or less as soon as I got there, Seepeedeh (a new girl that's been working supper shifts for a month or so) left, when she was supposed to be done at 8, so a) why the hell was she allowed to leave, and b) what was to stop Steve from washing his hands and jumping on line while there were no customers at front cash?

Anyways though, I changed, rolled my other clothes up (folding is so unnecessary~), stuck them in the bag my uniform had been in, and walked up on line. Before I even got up there, I heard Joe saying something about how she was threatening to put me on drive through, and it was all I could do to poke my head around the corner, look straight at her (Michelle), and say "So we're resorting to threats now, are we?" Cue a small argument involving something on one of the sheets at the back. It says "Employees are to be dressed and able to work five minutes before their shift starts." To me, that means that as long as I'm dressed and ready to work, I can piss about in the dining room and do whatever, regardless of how busy it is, right up until five minutes before I'm supposed to start working. If I'm missing something in that, please do let me know, but I think the sheet itself spells it out pretty clearly.

So long story short, I started ten minutes early, and still clocked in at 8. I'm not sure how much I'm making now (I know it was previously $8.10 and hour, but the minimum wage has since gone up), but I'd be hard pressed to believe ten minutes' pay is going to make that much of a difference.

From Michelle's point of view, I can see why she wanted help, because she only had Brook (a new girl that was only hired sometime earlier this week) on line with her, and thus there were ten minute orders, but as I explained to her after the small argument we had, I do not appreciate (and by "do not appreciate", you might say I mean "will not tolerate") being told I *have* to start at such and such a time. Especially when I know beyond any shred of doubt that the first thing you're going to do once it slows down a bit is go outside and smoke.

Oh, and to make it even better, once I started working, she said she was joking around, and started thanking me really patronizingly. She threatened me with a write-up a couple nights back for standing at front cash waiting for the clock to say 20:00, but ended by saying she wouldn't do that sort of thing, then laughing. Ugh.

[2] Manoah was on drive through tonight, which was fine up until we ran out of nacho cheese. During that time, a customer came through, and, after they'd pulled up to the window and paid for their order, wanted to get a fry supreme as well. Did he charge them for it? No. But they had to wait the couple minutes for them to fry, so I distracted myself with other things during that time, but not before telling him that if they were getting it for free, I wasn't going to make it. He ended up doing that himself though, but along with it, gave them a pie. After they'd pulled away, I asked him "Did you give them that pie because they were waiting on fries?" He said yes, and I told him "They got the fry for free!", causing him to throw his head back and laugh. Yes, when it comes down to it, it was only ~$5 worth of food, but it's amazing what lengths some employees will go to to keep the customers from getting angry with them.

And further to that, another guy ordered, among other things, three soft tacos, and after paying for his order, decided he wanted them to be chicken softs. Told Manoah I wasn't going to make them until he charged them (I don't enjoy having to make free food unless we're replacing an order that was screwed up, or we're going to get something out of it (food swaps, namely)), and he did, but surprise surprise, they kept the three regular soft tacos. $3.75, in this case.

Excuse my being irate, but why should we reward indecisiveness? The general assumption is that if you come through drive through, you should either know what you want in advance, or be able to decide in a minute or so. *Not* make up your mind to change your order after you've already paid.

[3] Finally, Cam was on front cash tonight. Not bad, except that he kept forgetting to ask customers whether their orders were "for here" or "to go". At least until he started cleaning the dining room. It took him 'till 12:30, and he knocked down and broke one of the light covers in the process. I can't be quite as angry at that, because it was only his first time doing it, but still...

So needless to say, it was another... unique close. I really hope I don't end up being on line tomorrow night, but one way or another, I do have Saturday and Sunday off, so whatever happens happens~ As for the rest of the day though, woke up at 3, went grocery shopping at 4, came home, then left for work at 7. One thing I will post about work outside of that cut though is something Manoah brought up. He asked me when I was going to London again, and I told him the 26th, and continued on that I knew I said I'd tell him in MSN, but I still had sort of, but he'd have to figure it out on his own. He said he knew, and had got "it", so meh. It is, if nothing else, a little bit of progress towards not being so secretive about it. I wasn't expecting quite so little resistance where keeping it to himself was concerned, but I suppose it's nice to see he's willing to respect that request.

And otherwise, hopefully tomorrow ends up being a bit better. I'm still waiting on for a reply to an email I sent to ask a question about MFF, but I suppose if not tomorrow, next week.

I should probably be getting to bed though. It's almost 6:30, after all...


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