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Tonight was bad, so...

... in all likelihood, tomorrow will be worse. Left a bit early, because I had nothing to do here, then rotated torts (once again), and started cleaning the fry dump, before I got told I was going to be on drive through. I wasn't pleased, of course, and I think they could tell, because I did sound rather angry. I don't see what I'm trying to accomplish by getting pissed off when I have to go on drive through, because if the managers are thinking the way I think they do, they don't care one bit. You're there to do what's required of you, and if you don't like it, you can go home. That's something I'll get to in a bit though.

So anyways I put a headset on, which was rather amusing in itself, seeing as Manoah was still on drive through at the time, so I was taking over it for him. Instead of taking his headset, I grabbed the one that was hung up on the hook and put a battery in it, and he started getting all angry. I'm sorry, but seriously. All you have to do is TAKE THE BATTERY OUT, PUT IT IN THE CHARGER, AND HANG THE HEADSET UP. It's nothing worth getting all heated over. Once I put the headset on, I had a car (of course), which turned into another car, and another, and another after that, which eventually turned into a half-hour long rush...

Once that was over with, I went to the back, to start getting some of the dishes done. There weren't that many, which was a nice change. I managed to put a few sour cream bottles, lids, and other small stuff into one of the sinks to soak, and I had another car. That started a rush, that literally lasted until 11:30, give or take. The stragglers came through after that, so about 11:45, I was able to go back and wash dishes again.

Amazingly, things died right down after that. We had no cars for a good half hour, so I was able to take a chunk out of the dishes. About 12:45, another car came, which turned into about 5, and once those were done, I went back to wash dishes again. That's how things pretty much went after that. Had ~10 minutes to wash dishes, then had ~5 cars. Until 2, that is. Thankfully, by that time, I had all the dishes caught up, so I wasn't nearly as stressed out about having them to wash at the back, and not being able to because of all the cars. 2:00 - 2:45 was rather sporadic, but come 2:45, the cars were wrapped around the corner. Nothing out of the ordinary, considering that we almost always have our bar rushes start sometime in between 2 and 3, but it's really strange how late it started. The big part of the rush was over at about 3:10, and only one guy came through after that, so I restocked the lids, cups, and napkins, then me and Kevin went out to have a bit of a break.

I originally planned on letting him try the PSP version of Lemmings, because he's the one that noticed the NES version, but it wouldn't boot for whatever reason, so I loaded up Vice City stories, then Ange came in. Steph followed shortly after, so I ended up starting part 1 of Taco Hell, and everyone crowded around to watch that. By some miracle, we had no cars at all during that time, so we were able to watch all three parts. By the time we finished, it was 3:55, so we closed, I went back to wash dishes, Steph mopped, and we were out of there.

Now I just finished sending Ange links to download the three parts of Taco Hell, because she asked me to. I probably could've saved her some trouble by converting them from .flv to .avi or something, but I don't know how computer literate she is, so for all I know, she might not have a problem with viewing them as is. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

Anyways, about what I said up top about drive through and being in a bad mood. First of all, it came to my attention around 12, that before I got there, Manoah, Gabby, and Mark were actually fighting over not wanting to be on drive through. Children. Like I already said, when you go in to work, you're there to do what's required of you. NOT to do what you want, when you want. If a manager tells you you're on drive through, it's perfectly acceptable to be angry about it, but the instant you start saying "No I'm not" (such as what those three were doing by fighting), you've crossed the line. I don't like being on drive through, and yeah, I do get angry about it, but I still do it. I know in the end of things, I really don't have a choice, so there's no reason to waste all my time on something that's not going to get me anywhere.

Each position there has it's perks, but it's rather hard to keep them in mind most of the time.

Secondly, Ange said something interesting when she was telling me that I was going to be on drive through. Josh was the supper manager, yes? Apparently, an hour (or possibly more) before I'd even started, he'd put my name on the drive through till. As in, set it up so that from the computer's perspective, I was the one taking orders and cashing people out. WTF? Putting my name on it as soon as I walk in the door? It's annoying, but acceptable. Putting it on after you tell me I'm on drive through? Preferred, and the way we're supposed to do things. Putting it on an hour before I even start my shift? A big no. I actually had plans to send him an email asking why when I got home tonight, but as Ange pointed out, what happens at work stays at work. At least where communication between employees is concerned.

So I'm in at 4 today, and I think right now, it's a foregone conclusion that I'll be staying past 12. It's Saturday, so it'll be busy. Ange, Manoah, Kevin, and Steph are working, so Kevin will be the only one that actively tries to get stuff done. I'll be on front cash, so I won't be nearly as anxious to get out of there. Well, come what will, I guess. I haven't yet worked a 13 hour shift, and there's a first time for everything. I already explained to Kevin what'd be happening if I stayed past 12, and I think it's pretty fair. I'll do dishes, prep whatever's needed, random cleaning, and the like, and if I finish all that, and 4:00 hasn't yet rolled around, then I'll go up on line or drive through and help. It's like, I'm not part of your scheduled closing crew. You have them do whatever, but I'll clean, thank you. Pretend I'm not even there, and if I think you need the help, I'll help you with whatever looks the most urgent. The bit about cleaning is the most important though, because I know if I don't specify that I'll be expected to help on line or drive through.Ange already asked me if I'd stay to close if they needed me, and I told her "We'll see." Neither a yes or a no. It has begun.

Anyways, moving on, a couple more things to talk about before I finish up about work.

First of all, some weird guy came through during our bar rush tonight. At first, he wanted to get chilli cheese burritos, but we were all out of chilli, so he settled on three double-decker tacos, one with nacho cheese instead of the bean. However, I took his order while there were still two cars in front of him. The people at there window would end up waiting for their food for close to 5 minutes, and all the while, he's chatting away like he'd known me all his life. Really enthusiastic and such. I would've offered him a pop when he got up to the window, but I was afraid that might really get him going. When he did pull up though, the smell was overwhelming. He was drunk, but he was still cool. One of the high points of the night, even :)

As for the other thing, it's just a big order. Nothing extremely special, but, well, I'm including it anyways.
2 NACHOBEL                   5.58
1 G CRUNCH                   2.39
2 MEXIMELT                   3.18
1 STKSOFT                    2.29
1 #6 CHIK                    6.19
    NO GR ON
1 CHICKBUR                   3.69
    NACHO CHEESE              .50
               GST           1.43
               SBTL         25.25
               PST           1.91
               TOTL         27.16
               DBIT         27.16

Woo. There weren't any others that were exceptionally large, and I was the only one that took orders and cash for the entire night, so yeah. Not that it's a complaint or anything :s

First of all, Wii release is tomorrow. I don't know what I'm going to do about getting one, but here's a crazy idea. Future Shop opens at 10 tomorrow, for obvious reasons. I could stay 'till close at work, then just have Kevin drop me off up there and wait. Like, think about it. By the time we actually got out there, it'd be around 5 in the morning, so that'd only be 5 more hours. It probably won't happen though, not only because it'd be awfully weird waiting there for all that time, but also because I wouldn't have any way to get home. I don't know. I might just hold off on it 'till the end of the month or something, so that way I know I'm going to get one. Also because it'd give me the chance to get some more money in my bank account. I just bought four more games, and I'm at $3,500 or so, but that brings me to my next topic.

On the way to work tonight, Mom asked if I'd do her a really really big favor. She wants me to loan her $1,000 so she can pay her VISA bill off. I figured "Why not", because I'm fairly carefree with my money, just so long as I know I'm going to be paid back, and also because it's my Mom. I'm not going to go to her and ask to borrow that much money, but she's still there when I need things, so it only makes sense to return the favor. I wouldn't do that for everybody though. For example, quite a while ago, the amount of money in our bank accounts got brought up at work, and after Manoah learned of how much I had, he asked if he could borrow the same amount I'm loaning to Mom. No. Not for him. Not only because I don't trust him, but also because of his history with paying other people back. Debra loaned him $5 so he could go to Tim Hortons when he just got a job at Taco Bell, and it took him over half a year to pay her back. He's also just someone I work with. Yeah, he can be fun to be around on occasion, but there are also times when I just want to tell him "Get the hell out of my face".

Speaking of money though, we're supposed to be getting ours from Grandpa next month. Yes.

So yeah. Right now, Dad owes me $2,500 that I loaned him so he could get the van fixed, Mom, as of this Monday, will owe me $1,000, and Manoah still owes me $2.00 that I loaned him so he could go get gravy from KFC >:( I owe Josh an unknown amount of money, because every time they (he and Kevin) decide they want to go to Dairy Queen, I have no money on me, so he gets me something. I think that's about it.

Heh. All this talk of money makes me think of something that happened back in high school. We had a fundraiser where we were selling chocolate bars, and I wasn't taking part in it (seeing as my past experiences with those sorts of things have either seen me eating all the product or spending all the profit :p), but I still badly wanted one. I managed to convince someone to give me one, and I'd give them the money next time I saw them, so sure enough, I went home that night, told Dad I needed $2.00 for something or other involving math, went downstairs in the morning to see it in an envelope, and paid the guy back.

Other Things
Not much else I can think of, really. I don't know how this whole "divide the entry up into sections" thing is going to go, but looking back over some of my previous ones, they do seem awfully unorganized.

I think for now, I'm going to clean up here then go to bed. I do have to be up at 4 (I like day shifts, but I want to give the person who thinks it's alright to schedule people for one right after they close a piece of my mind), so I should be getting to bed soon.

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