Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Question Answered

Now I'm left waiting 'till next Friday, at very least. I hope to talk to the other party it concerns in the coming week, but we'll have to see, I guess. "It" isn't really worth the secrecy, but I've only said a couple things about it thus far, so a slightly longer wait shouldn't hurt~ And then the other question isn't so much that, but rather just waiting to hear back from Cooper about the possibility of having a longer tail in my commission. I figure that shouldn't be a problem, because nothing's been said about coloring yet, and it makes sense (at least to me) to think that we'd both have to be agreed that I'm happy with the sketch / line art before it gets colored. I suppose if I haven't heard back from her by next week though, I might be able to poke her about it at the furmeet :3

So yeah. We more or less just got back from getting our hair cut(s), so now I'm really just waiting for 7, to leave for work. Closing with Michelle (again) and Karen tonight, so knowing my luck, I'll be on drive through, but feh. Then tomorrow night, I'm once again closing with Michelle, and I Steve (at least I think), then probably either Joe or Cam, and I'm not sure about Friday night. Tonight though, I plan on taking a new way to work, for another change of pace. I timed myself on the way home the other night, and it took me ~35 minutes, so that's alright. And if, now that she's back, Sheila takes over Josh's opens and he gets put back on supper shifts and closes as a result (he was taken off because Alain was / is still in the hospital), some random night in the future that he closes, I'm going to get something from Dairy Queen for all the closers. We did that several times last summer, but I always seemed to be on the receiving end. And besides, he (Josh) is gone in August, so there's only a little bit of time left. I would extend it to everyone that happens to be there, but it really comes down to that closes are the only shifts I work (most of the time), and thus I don't see enough of the supper and day staff to feel like being generous to them >:3

I'm not quite as certain as I was about heading to Sobeys this week though. Yes, I might still walk home that way on Thursday, but I have $14 (outside of that $87) up in my room that I'll probably just bring along and go to Tim Hortons or something.

There's something else rather amusing that I noticed yesterday too. A couple weeks ago, both Adam and Naomi were extremely enthusiastic about getting their passports. All they would talk about at times was what they still had to do. And now? The applications and envelopes are still sitting on the kitchen counter, folded up neatly and completely blank. Heh. But for some reason that reminded me of another thing. Overheard Mom talking to Terry on the phone yesterday afternoon, and quite clearly heard her say "No, he didn't fix the problem, so you don't have to pay him." Fine. Screw it. If they do get it working again eventually, and find that the viruses had been removed, I hope they remember it, for we're (or I'm, really) past the point of wanting the $10 now. The best part about it is that once she hung up the phone, Mom came out to the living room and asked if I still wanted the $10.

Anyways, Adam will be phoning to get picked up from work in a bit, so if I want to play Guitar Hero III, I'd better get out there quite soon~

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