Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Dreams Lie :s

I was playing some game on my DS, and had just broken open an egg of sorts, out of which came what looked like Buizel, except it was black and orange, and had a slightly longer tail. Now, from what I gathered, the main objective of each level in the game was to find the egg, and release the creature from it, who would then help you through the rest. Most of the time they'd say "Oh, thank you for releasing me from that egg!", but in this particular case, it just said "Oh... umm..." or something like that.

Noticed a large flat box on the ground over to the right some more, with "OK" written on it, so I moved the cursor over it and pressed the "OK" button. Three windows popped up. The top one said "1161kb takes up 625MB". The box below it said "Your proxy is teh pwnage. You only have 197MB left on your linker / flash cart." The third box said "Would you like to create a really large file now?", with "Yes" and "No" choices below it. Presumably, you were being given the option to allocate all the space you'd need for the save file, just to prevent possibly not having enough space later on in the game.

I know dreams are often thought to have hidden meanings, but I can't help but think that rule doesn't always apply.

[1] Why does Michelle call in sick so much? I closed with her on Tuesday, and she was supposed to close again on Wednesday, but couldn't come in due to a "family matter". Seriously. Perhaps it's one of those things that you wouldn't understand unless you looked at it from her point of view, but she'll come in and close one night, and call in the next three. I appreciate that she's already left and come back once (possibly twice), but it's really starting to become annoying. If all you're really working is one or two shifts a week, shouldn't you ask Earl and / or Josh to drop you down to that number of shifts 'till you get things sorted out?

[2] I may or may not be closing on Saturday now :\ As soon as he realized he was closing with only Manoah and Michelle on that night, Steve would not shut up about how they were going to get killed at bar rush. I say "Shut up" because one or two times was fine, but seven or eight within the same five minutes is ridiculous. He got Karen to agree to come in, and to actually close if necessary, but then Josh came in. Of course, Steve told him the same thing he'd told everyone else, followed by Josh saying something about how he could've been sure he scheduled four closers originally, but must've forgotten one when typing the schedule up. Popular belief now is that I'm that fourth one, because my usual two days off are on Monday and Tuesday. From my point of view though, they have one more day to write me in on the schedule, and if they don't, I'm not coming in. Unless it's just to wash dishes and do prep. Knowing my luck, I'll go in tonight and see "8 - cl" written in there, but there's nothing wrong with hoping, I guess. I tend to start making plans for my days off as soon as I know when they are, and in this case, I still want to go to EB Games on Saturday, and although I could even if I did have to work, it wouldn't be the same.

[3] Tonight's closers are supposed to be Manoah, Michelle, Cindy, and me. Ange is on the schedule to be there 'till midnight, but like I told Steve, I'd be surprised if she was there at all. Given that Manoah's working though, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to be on drive through, which is fine, I guess. I wasn't yesterday night, only because Steve was the closing manager, but line is getting to the point of being thoroughly annoying within five minutes of my shift starting again, so a bit of a break would be nice. We did a food swap with Dominos last night too (they're the only ones that seem to call anymore), and tonight's special treat is likely going to be Tim Hortons on the way home. Would've last night, but I felt that I'd eaten enough already, and the route I took home didn't take me by any anyways. Went up McNaughton to Baldoon, then walked along that street, which was sort of interesting because about halfway down, that same thing from before where I couldn't so much as walk in a straight line happened again. It did just as I was almost home Tuesday night / Wednesday morning too, but it's still annoying and weird. Although a fun part about it would be that I seem to make up for not being able to go where I want by walking alot faster. I'm just going to chalk it up to lightheadedness or something, because it passes after a couple minutes, and I do tend to whistle to whatever music I'm listening to :x Although as best as I can tell, it's nothing harmful (just annoying, as previously mentioned), so meh.

And as for other things, not too much, once again. There is somewhere I'd like to go this afternoon, and Mom just got back from taking Naomi out to drop off some resumes, so I suppose I should ask before she gets busy with something else~

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