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Only One Night Left

Well, two, to be technical, but I'm going by the number of shifts I have to work before I get a day off. As best as I can tell, they didn't write me in for Saturday, so I'll probably still be going up to EB Games provided they're open 'till at least 6. Although I shouldn't be getting my hopes up either, because I still need to call them to see if they have the game in the first place. But then after that, I close on Sunday, have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off, and I'm not sure after that. Sheila's making the schedule again though, which means that now that I've gotten used to working all 8 - closes, I'm suddenly being scheduled to start at 7 two nights next week :\ But meh. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a couple 9 - closes coming up as well.

So as for work yesterday night, it went alright. From the moment I walked in there and noticed Cindy was scheduled 'till 1, my goal was to not get stuck on drive through, so I busied myself with cleaning the fryer and other such odd jobs. We walked out of there at ~1:10, which is definitely an improvement over last time I closed with Michelle. There were reasons that night didn't go so well though. One of them being that Cam is still way too slow on drive through, and dishes as well. Michelle, at very least, is trying to get him taken off nights because of it *sigh* We'll see what happens, I guess.

But as for tonight, the closers are Michelle (I think), Cindy, Eric, and me. Apparently Eric was supposed to have closed the past two Fridays as well...

And outside of work, not a whole lot to mention. Oh well. Perhaps I'll have thought of something by the time I get home~