Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Believe Another "Erf" is in Order

EB Games is all sold out of Mario Kart Wii, and they aren't sure when they'll be getting more in either. Feh. I can just check if they have anymore in when we're out getting groceries this coming Thursday, I guess.

Unfortunately, that means my plans for the day / night now consist entirely of possibly going back to sleep for another couple hours or so, then going out to 7-11 and / or Tim Hortons later. I'd still walk up to Taco Bell to get something for supper, but I think there's chicken in the oven, and even if I did anyways, they'd more than likely ask me to work, especially if tonight ends up being like yesterday night was. More or less busy straight through 'till 3, but we didn't get much of a bar rush, which means they probably will tonight, but if it ends up being as busy as Steve thinks it's going to be, they really won't notice when it starts anyways. In fairness though, I was on line for a total of about an hour, the rest of which consisted of having to do drive through 'till 8:30, then 9:30, because the cars wouldn't stop coming, and after that, doing a bunch of prep / cleaning up in the middle and back. I had planned on taking at least a half hour to get home after that (mostly because I ate far too much), but ended up walking straight there just because I was so exhausted. Felt more or less completely fine up to the point of stepping into the bathroom to change, but yeah.

So... meh... I want to go back to sleep, because I went to bed at 6 and woke up at 2, but I want to try to be in bed by 5 tonight, and 4 tomorrow, so I can be up at noon on Monday and still have had eight hours' sleep, and I know that if I lay back down right now, I'll be up far later than I want to.

Oh, and Avast needs to restart, seeing as it just updated. Might as well, seeing as I'm having some strange problem with YouTube (or any other embedded video player, really), where I can only watch two seconds of the movie :s Hopefully a restart fixes that~

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