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Now It's My Turn ^^

Writing this in Notepad, on the train to London >:3 Apparently they do have wireless internet *on* the train, but I'd rather not pay for it :s

So, two things:

[1] It's ridiculously warm outside. ~10 minutes from the house to Via Rail, and I'm sweating not quite buckets, but still quite a bit. And to think it's only May... Although I suppose I'm usually asleep at this time in the afternoon, so by the time I go out anywhere (to work, or 7-11 / wherever else in the case of a day off), it's already cooled down considerably. I still hope it's not a sign of things to come though :\ But that also means the walk to the apartment from the train station when I get to London is going to be fun. At least if it's as warm there as it is in Chatham :x

[2] Stopped by 7-11 on the way to the train station, and bought a box of Glossette chocolate covered almonds, an Aero, and a small bag of Mike & Ike candies. Somewhere in between there and the underpass by Sobeys, I lost the first two items. Feh. Coincidentally though, the price was $4.04. I suppose that actually makes sense in this case. Some guy just came by with a cart asking if anyone wanted anything, so I could've said yes to that, but I only have $7 in cash, which I plan on spending at Tim Hortons (there may be cake, but I fully intend to get something of my own too :3).

Anyways though, yeah. Time to watch the scenery going by~