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From the Train Station

Even though I highly doubt you're reading this, thank you, Madius, for that bus ticket or whatever it was. I would've walked if I had to, but it made it so much easier even just getting a ride down Adelaide. I'm not sure what time I got to sleep this morning, but I'm still fairly tired right now, so I doubt walking to the train station would've worked out all that well :s

So yeah. My day thus far has looked like this: woke up at either 6 or 8, and went back to sleep a couple minutes later, followed by the same thing happening at 11 and 12, and again at 1, when I just decided to stay up. Did a bit more of the puzzle I'm working on on Conceptis' site, then Madius and I went out to Wendys for lunch, then came back to the apartment, where I watched him play some PS2 game (.hack, or something like that) 'till 4:30, then he had to leave, so obviously I left as well, and now I'm here waiting for the train. I feel as if I'm a bit early, seeing as it's only 5:50, but I'm sure the time will pass quickly enough~

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