Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something Tells me Tonight is Going to Suck

Josh just called to say that they're "absolutely getting killed", and wanted to know if I could start early. I, however, am just sitting down to eat supper, which I told him, but I said I'd leave after I finished eating. So for one, it might take me 'till 7 to finish off both of these sausages, and two, if they're not busy when I get there, I'm not starting early. The only reason I can see for it being busy (aside from that it's Thursday) are that coupons were seemingly mailed out recently, because there were some downstairs when I woke up. I'm obviously not looking forward to tonight's close, aside from one specific part of it, and I also have to head to Sobeys on the way home to get a birthday card for Dad. And then probably $40 to put inside it. I wouldn't have even realized his birthday was tomorrow if Mom hadn't mentioned it. Apparently they're going to the Wheels for a couple nights this weekend (Saturday and Sunday), so that'll be nice. It's been a while since they've gone away somewhere and essentially left us to fend for ourselves :3

But otherwise today, I slept 'till ~2, stayed up in my room 'till 4, then we went out to get groceries, came back home, and that's where we are right now. However, one of the things I got to thinking about between 2 and 4 was last night, and convinced myself that I was going to wear a tail out grocery shopping. So I did ^^ While we were walking towards the building from the van, Mom asked if it was some sort of initiation for some group, and I told her no, but that I'd let her read about it when we got home. I was going to just show her Wikifur's page on it, like I did for Manoah, but I think it'd be best to avoid the "Sexuality" section of it, but I followed a link down at the bottom, and instead copied and pasted section 3 of this into Notepad for her to read. First thing she said when I brought my laptop out to the kitchen was "So this is about furry?" Thank you, Adam. Naomi might've been the one that told her that at first, but I can't picture it. When she finished reading though, she asked me to print off a copy so she could read it again "at her leisure", which I said I'd do (when I get home from work though), then also, sort of jokingly, asked "Is it really such a big problem?" Her answer? "No, it's actually cool." Erf. But she said the same thing about my tails before I got a lock on my door, and I suppose it's what I'm going for in the first place, so in that case, yay ^^ Now I plan on wearing it to work, and definitely home, too. The only bad thing is the tail is probably the smallest one I have. I wore the airbrushed one I got from SPark yesterday night, and although I could bring it along with me now, it'd probably be too big to fit in the bag along with my jeans and shirt. Meh.

So as indecent as it sounds, thanks again for last night, Noirhearted ^^; Maybe I'll start just calling you "Noir" or something, for the sake of length, but meh. The first sentence is what's important.

Now I have to leave for work though. It's probably going to be a long night ;_;

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