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I Guess That Does It

You weren't online at the time I wrote this, Cola, but I've just registered and paid for MFF, so my answer is officially "Yes". Might you have a guess as to when this other fur will be letting you know about the roomsharing thing as well? No pressure if not, I suppose, but given that the only thing that still absolutely needs to be done for now is to give you the money, it'd be nice to get it taken care of before the summer is up :s

As for other things though, I'm resorting back to a numbered list again:

[1] That omelet-in-a-bag thing. I've made two now (one with cheese and bacon, the other with rice, a sliced up hotdog, and cheese), and both times the bag has melted apart, resulting in the omelet randomly floating around in the pot of water :x They tasted perfectly fine though, and they don't take that much time to make (maybe half an hour at most, depending on what you want to put in it), but sooner or later our supply of bags is going to run out. Hopefully by them though I'll have gotten tired of eating the things :p

[2] Mom and Dad are going "away" for two days this weekend, like I already said once. I have to work 8 to close on Saturday and 7 to close on Sunday. Feh. Had Josh not switched me around with Manoah for two shifts though, I would've closed nine days straight, so I suppose I can't complain too much. Had I not been scheduled for even Saturday night though, I had plans to order pizza, from Boston Pizza, specifically, but that may just have to wait for a little longer. Further to the getting paid for the holiday I worked not that long ago this coming pay, there's been talk of our vacation pay coming out too, so that'll be nice. Although last time I worked with him, Steve said something about how it *might* be coming out the pay after this coming one, but one way or another, meh, whatever.

[3] For having worn a tail for almost the entire day yesterday (but obviously not at work, because it isn't part of the uniform), I only got asked about it once, and that was by the cashier / clerk at Sobeys again. Just something like "... and I have to ask: what's with the tail? I saw you two in here last night, but..." Said that it just seemed like a fun thing to do, which is pretty much what it comes down to. I may wear one in to work on Saturday night, because Manoah's supposed to be there (he was scheduled to close yesterday night too, but called in sick), and I know he'd have *something* interesting to say about it. But after that, perhaps we'll have to meet up again sometime, Noir ^^ Still want to go to the park and swing on the swings?

[4] It certainly was busy yesterday night, and we had a bit of a surprise too. Shawn has changed our closing times back to 2 in the morning, Sunday through Wednesday, and 3:00 for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So needless to say we were open 'till 3, and were there when the order came (he actually showed up around 2:30), but it wasn't an extremely bad close in all. It started off quite busy, but I was given the task of washing dishes, which I did 'till ~10, then was on line for the rest of the night afterwards. The only unfortunate thing about the coupons is that they don't expire 'till the end of July (and even then, we'll still probably have to accept them as long as the coupon code works), but... *shrug* Such is summer. I've been there for two already, so it's really nothing I haven't seen before, but it still sucks :x

Anyways though, I obviously bought a card for Dad at Sobeys, so I really should write something in it and seal the envelope up before I get sidetracked on other things. I assume there's going to be cake when he gets home from work, so I can give it to him then, but I also need to give Mom this "What is a Furry?" printout, and I need to tidy up my room, none of which I can do from my top bunk (even though it's nice and comfortable), so I should post this, then get working on those things~

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