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A Couple More Things

Interesting. When I turned the monitor on when I got down here this morning, my brother's username was listed as the last one to have logged on. At first I figured "Whatever" because it wouldn't come as a surprise to me if he did log back into it for something, but then I realized "Hey. What if Naomi figured out his password?" I didn't think much else of it until I just got to writing a note in notepad to ask what it was about, when I decided to check his account.

Nothing in his My Documents folder was out of order, but something interesting was on the desktop. An installer and shortcut to mIRC. I downloaded and used that program a heck of a long time ago, back when I still posted at Dragon-Realms, but I uninstalled it because it wasn't being used. What's more, the timestamps on the files are both for 10:00 this morning. Hmm... Sadly, nothing incriminating was in any of the folders, except for a "[chaz]" entry in addrbk.ini.

Oh well, it's uninstalled now, so I've just got to wait until I get home from work, and check if Adam writes anything else in it. Work itself is going to be more of a bother now that I know I won't be able to get a Wii immediately, but I figure once Kevin gets there, I'll tell him, because he's been thinking of getting one as well, and then at least someone else will know. I'd tell Josh, but he's still of the disposition that Nintendo's gone kiddy now, so it'd just be a waste of my breath.

So I'm predicting I'll be front cash 'till I get the dining room closed, then backups and cleaning afterwards. We'll see in a bit...

I think I'm going to put some more music on my PSP right now though, because after we'd closed last night, I turned it on to start playing some music, and suddenly realized "There's nothing new on here!"

Anyways, 'till I get home from work, this is it.

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