Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Warm Already ;_;

If it were June, I'd try to justify it by saying "Well, June, July, and August really are the summer months", but it's only May 31st :s I could get the fan from the dining room that we used last summer, but feh. It's really more humid than hot, so it's probably best to wait on that for now.

So, Mom and Dad took off sometime before I woke up, but not before leaving a note on the cupboard about how there's something in "a cold place" for us to share. Naomi mentioned that Mom bought two frozen pizzas for us, so that's probably what they're talking about. All I really care is that there's some left when I get home from work tonight, so meh :3 Closing with at least Steve and Manoah tonight, so with any luck we'll get out of there around 3:30. There wasn't a terrible about of dishes to be done yesterday night, but I started off sort of slowly, so it took me 'till 1:45 to get them caught up. Oh well.

Someone or something caused my computer to shut down while I was gone away at work too, causing me to lose all my progress on this puzzle, so for now, I'm going back to it again. I can't think of anything particularly important to write about anyways, so perhaps tomorrow or something~

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