Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It *Almost* Worked This Time

Tried that omelet in a bag thing yet again, and this time the bag didn't melt apart, but I literally just got down to the last bite, put it in my mouth, and started to chew. On something crunchy. At first I thought it was a piece of cheese that might've gotten a bit too hard, but as it turns out, it was a piece of eggshell. Ugh.

So anyways, thing #1. The rain out there. I had planned on wearing a tail home from work, but ended up getting a ride from Michelle, so I didn't even change 'till I got home. I did wear it *to* Taco Bell though. Both Steve and Karen didn't have much to say, Chris thought it was cool, Josh T. said something like "Let's kill him" (I know he was joking though), and Brandon said I was like a little kitty, which I heard as "kiddie" at first, and then I realized what he actually meant. One of these nights though, I need to walk there with one, *without* listening to music on my PSP at the same time, just to see if anyone says anything. I think it got a laugh from a couple girls I passed on the Third Street bridge the other night, but that's all that I know of.

Thing #2 is a note to self: Make sure you've checked all your pants pockets before putting them in the washing machine. Suffice it to say, my headphones are now (presumably) much cleaner, and, surprisingly, still in working condition. Also on that topic, this is pretty cool. The bag-over-the-head thing is, well, alarming (it actually felt like I had a bag over my head), and the part where he whispers in your ear and giggles is sort of the same too :p

Thing #3 is work itself. Once again, pretty much dead, so we had everything done and caught up by ~8:30. Closed dining room for a change of pace tonight, and I also know how to completely count off a till now. I knew how to do the debits and Visas before, but the rest is easy. Add up all of the money (American excluded), subtract $125 from the total, take that amount out of the till (so say all the money added up to $400 - you'd take $275 out), and put it in a bag along with the debit and Visa receipts, coupons, staff discount receipts, and supper reports, and drop it all in the safe. I know it's probably insignificant to anyone else besides me, but meh. Yay for learning something new tonight ^^; Oh, and I booked the 20th to 24th of November off, so that's taken care of. I figure one day before for getting ready, three days for the con, and one day after to rest and probably mope around before having to go back to work. That's still five months off though, so enough about it for now.

Thing #4 is that sleeping a bit longer seems to have had some of the desired effect. I still felt somewhat tired at work tonight, but not to the point where I had no energy whatsoever.

On that note though, I'm going to watch the last episode in season 6 of MacGyver while I tidy up my tabs in Firefox here. I have 38 open right now, and the scrollbar is getting quite annoying. Some day soon, I'll have to go through all the tabs I have saved with Taboo and either read them or figure out if they're even worth keeping saved, but that can wait for now. I'll need something to do with my days off, after all~

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