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How Long Does it Take to Get Groceries?

Mom called at 6:30 to say they were at Real Canadian Superstore (which was unusual because she's never called for such a thing before) to say they'd be home "soon". It's now almost 7:30, and there's still been no sign of them. Some lady has since called for Dad about something involving some charity, and Earl called wanting to know if I could come in to close the dining room, but that's it.

And yes, I am going in, mostly because, like last time they called, I don't have anything really important to do around here (just going through my torrents partition to tidy up the filenames and create playlists for some music I downloaded), and closing the dining room is an hour and a half job at most. Now, knowing Steve, he'll ask me to stay and work on the dishes, but I'll see what I feel like doing then. I'm not sure what time I got to bed this morning, but I woke up at 2, and have been awake since then, so meh. The only reason I woke up so early was because I'd woken up several hours earlier (around 8), and had enough time to click the little Digg icon in Firefox and see this. Well, not that exact article, but there was another one that said the same thing, and I just don't feel like searching for it. All I can think is "Please, please, please go with "Cougar" when you actually release it ;_; I really don't want to have to feel that twinge of irritation every single time I read something that says 'Do such and such with / in Snow Leopard!' Feh."

Then again, I am looking at it as if it's a bad thing. It could be "Of all the cats they could've picked, they chose a snow leopard. Cool ^^" Erf...

And they're finally back. Wow. Apparently Mom had to get some prescription for Naomi, which required a 40 minute wait :s Anyways though, I told Earl I wouldn't be in 'till 10, so I've still got a bit of time to use. I should be able to finish these up by then~

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