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Back to This Again...

"This" being staying downstairs 'till I get tired enough to go to bed instead of doing whatever up in my room. It's warm up there, and slightly cooler down here for one obvious reason (heat rises), and although my room feels just a bit less warm then the rest of the upstairs does, I think I prefer to stay down here :p And besides, I've read and heard way too many times one of the things you can do to get a better sleep at night is to use your bedroom strictly for sleeping, so we'll have to see how that goes...

As for work, it was actually quite fun, for one specific reason: who says wearing a tail for my whole shift has to wait 'till Halloween? I suppose it wasn't technically a full shift, but the point still stands. After I'd finished wiping down the tables and stocking everything up, I went into the back to grab a broom and dustpan, but stopped just inside the door and asked Manoah "So do you have anything smart to say about this?" He asked what I was talking about, so I turned so he could see the tail, which turned to *him* getting offended because he thought I saw him as being too critical or something. That was worked out after both realizing that we were joking around, but not before him saying something like "If you want to wear a tail, that's your business. I'm not going to say...", which is more or less what I'm going for ^^ Probably five minutes after that I was back out in the dining room, and he asked me to turn around so he could see it, and also asked if he could try it on, but I said "No" because my pants would've fallen down :s Then as I was bringing the mop and bucket out to mop the hallway, he walked up beside me, tugged it, and said "Gotcha!", which he seemed to find uproariously funny because I jumped :p

When I walked in though, there were several guys sitting in the far corner, and one of them yelled my name, so I asked what he wanted (I still don't know how he know who I was, but meh). "You know you've got a leopard-skin tail...?" It is *fur*, not skin, for one thing, but I said something like "Yeah, just because, and it's fun", to which he asked, "You're just trying to be different, huh? I like your style." Hmm...

And then Cindy simply asked "What's with the tail, bud?", so I said the same thing I did to the guys in dining room, followed by her saying something like "You're just trying to get us to ask questions, huh?" I suppose that's part of it *shrug* Oh, and finally, on the way home, as I was walking over the bridge by Harveys, a car sped past me and I heard one of the passengers yell something, but all I made out was "tail". Now if only it weren't getting to be so humid out that all I care about in terms of getting to work is making it there quickly :s Feh.

Unfortunately, I just know that *somebody* is eventually going to make a comment or ask a question along the lines of what I had feared originally, but I suppose I'll worry about that when the time comes.

Getting back to work though, I finished the dining room at ~11:30, and ended up staying 'till 2 to do the dishes. While I was cleaning the dining room though, somebody called in for tomorrow. Who? The closing manager. Specifically, Michelle. Her reason for doing so was family, issues, of course *sigh* One of these nights she closes, if I can work up the nerve, I'm going to phone in and cite family problems as my reason for doing so. I'm all for being understanding when that sort of stuff comes up, but it's happening at least once a week, and is getting extremely annoying. So suffice it to say, we don't currently know who the closing manager will be tomorrow, if anyone at all -_-

As for non-work things, I've finished fiddling with those files, so all that remains is for some Whose Line is it Anyway movies to be backed up to my other external drive (it's upstairs in my room right now), then probably just running Auslogics' two defrag programs. It's been far too long since I've backed everything up and done all that other stuff :s

Anyways, since I have the time, and I'm still down here, I'm going to play Guitar Hero III. Well, check that. I'm going to put my laundry in the dryer, *then* I'm going to play Guitar Hero III~

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