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Closing Without a Manager

They weren't able to find anyone to take Michelle's place, thus, Manoah, Jarod, and I were the only ones there after ~8:30. The orders were pretty much nonstop right up until midnight, but we were still out of there at quarter to, which, as I said a couple times to Manoah when he asked how I thought we were doing, isn't bad, considering.

The only bad part of the night (aside from the business) was him telling me Sheila didn't want the nacho cheese and red sauce pumps to be taken off line 'till we were closed, because we're still out so much food and all that. After much bothering him to let me get rid of them, he agreed, on one specific condition. That he could try my tail on :p I'm not sure if he did or not, but I told him if he was serious, it was in my bag in the bathroom, and next time I went back there, it had been moved, so meh. Shelia's supposed to be there 'till 8 tomorrow night, so it's going to be interesting seeing what she says, but I think everyone else there will have seen me wearing one at least once. I think that point I mentioned wanting it to get too previously is here as well. Unless it's raining, I plan on wearing one whenever I have to go anywhere. Why? "Just because, and it's fun." Of course, the only place I plan on going besides work in the near future is grocery shopping this coming week, but it's better than nothing~

In other news, heard some weird ad on the radio at work tonight that mentioned a widescreen Nintendo DS. All I can find with Google are mockups, and lots of articles that discuss the possibility of a new DS model coming out, but nothing definite. Hmm...

I think I'm just going to head upstairs though. I'm slightly tired, and my nose is starting to run :s *One* of the problems can be taken care of up there, but I don't know about the other just yet :x I'd better not be getting sick...