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This One's Short

Originally I was planning on writing another entry of epic proportions in here, but seeing as it's now 2:30 in the morning, I'm going to make this quick.

To begin, more about the Wii. I'm not going to be able to get one today, case closed. However, another idea came to mind at work earlier. I have to work today (Sunday) from 8-1 (close), so I'm going to try to get lots of sleep beforehand, because I plan on just staying up after I'm done at work. I know EB Games opens at 10, and Future Shop might as well, so what I'm thinking is stay up, or go to sleep for a couple hours, then call them to see if they do have any available, and if the answer's yes, wake Mom or Dad up and head out there to get one. If EB has one, they might even set one aside for me, because they seem to know pretty well that if I call to ask if they have something, I'll be there in the next couple hours to pick up whatever it is. However, all the examples I can think of have been with games, and this is actually with a brand new gaming system, so I don't know whether it'll be the same :\

It'd be sweet if things work that way, because I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off. I've got my fingers crossed.

As for work, it was pretty good. I think this might be the first Saturday night in a while where they don't have nonstop cars. I'll have to ask Manoah when I see him tomorrow though. As predicted, I was on front cash, but for the most part, I was back doing dishes, and Earl was taking orders for me. Eventually, he came back and asked me to run over to KFC to get the two cases of fries they owed us. I was just waiting in line there, when I saw someone bringing up two from the back, and it was just like "Wow. I didn't even say anything and they know why I'm here" :) Seeing as I didn't bring the cart or anything (because it was full of dishes), I had to carry both boxes back to Taco Bell. I got up to about the driveway before my arms just gave out. I couldn't have picked both of them up again even if I wanted to. I managed to get them back into the freezer though, and that's where they were supposed to go.

Our supper rush was ridiculously busy, but I suppose it is Saturday, so you'd really have to expect such a thing. From 8:30 straight through until 11, we were dead though. Maybe all of 10 customers, only 1 of which came into the dining room. Good thing too because I had everything cleaned up, and just had to mop before it was closed.

Ange let me go early, which was nice, but while I'm talking about her, I must say that she was... for lack of a better word... being a little bitch tonight. One couple came into the dining room, and the guy asked if I was Adam's brother, and I said yes. He was rather drunk, for whatever reason, so he started going on and on about it, and finally made his order. After I'd cashed it through though, he comes up with the idea that he needs another drink. I wasn't going to charge him for something so small, so I just gave him the cup for free, then Ange turns around, gives him the evilest look ever, and asks "Do you want to leave the store?"

What's more, Debra (someone that used to work there) stopped by to say hi, and was there for about 5 minutes before Ange says to her "If you aren't here to order food or to eat with someone, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." WTF? I've yet to see any rule that prohibits loitering at that place, and even if there was one, Debra had a valid reason for being there.

Yes, Ange is a manager, so she has more say over things than normal crew does, but she's not the God of Taco Bell either. Sadly, it seems like all this power is going to her head. Oh well. Not my concern.

One other thing of interest involving management is that Josh was going to show me how to delete an order when I got in, because Ange didn't know how to, and he wanted to explain it to her, but just as he was about to start, Earl comes up, asks what's going on, and basically told Josh "No. Stop. Normal crew isn't allowed to know that. If he learns how to delete an order... no." I'm sorry, but if I was so far gone as to want to do wrong with that information, I would've found something better a long time ago. Hell, even if I wanted to do something like that, I'd need a) a key for the till, to switch it to manager mode, and also a department number, for some reason unknown to me. Most likely so you can tell specifically who deleted the order, in case they weren't supposed to or something.

Anyways, I'm back at 8 tomorrow, and aside from me, Glenda and Manoah are closing. Chances are I'll be on drive through, since the only time Manoah gets put on it is the rare occasion where he actually wants to be on it. Oh well. I have my three days off afterwards, so I could care less.

As for other odds and ends, I don't know what happened, but I got home from work earlier, turned the monitor on, and it was still at the startup screen, with the prompt to plug in a keyboard and press either Delete or F1. I'm betting that it was once again Naomi's doing, but Mom seems to think that she didn't touch the computer as well. Even if she does get to the login screen though, she won't be logging in to anyone's account. I changed Adam's password to "50n1c" (it was "sonic") earlier today, and if she finds out the password for my account, it's simply a matter of changing it again.

Like I said several entries back, she plans on getting a laptop once we get our money from Grandpa, but I really could care less. She wants it so she can use the internet. Whatever. I fully plan on letting her do whatever she wants with it, and just sitting back and smiling once it crawls to a halt from spyware infestation. She knows next to nothing about computers. In the order of who knows the least to who knows the most about them in this family, we'd have Mom, Dad, Naomi, Adam, and me. Switching Naomi and Dad around is very much debatable as well.

Anyways, I think I'm done with this for now. I still need to put my uniform in the wash, as Manoah got Comet all over me at work. I might also have a shower, because I haven't had one since a couple days ago, so I'm overdue :p

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