Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Kelsey's is Silly

The reply I received from them yesterday to say that they would take a reservation for us came from "Kelseys7667@cara.com", so out of curiosity, I went to cara.com and found that it was the company behind Swiss Chalet, Kelsey's, and other various restaurants. However, the address I sent the first email to was "Kelseyschatham@execulink.com", so I went to that site as well, and thought "Wouldn't it be funny if the username and password for their account was the same thing?" *cough* Suffice it to say, I now know they owe ~$400 for the service, but then I logged out :p

And one other thing: HAIL >:3 About ten minutes ago, I was thinking to myself "Maybe I should just take off for work now. If it starts raining and my tail gets wet, I can just hang it up in the bathroom to dry". Now I'm glad I didn't ^^;

But it seems to have calmed down a bit, so I might as well ask for a ride now. I can still walk home, assuming it's not still like it is right now out :3

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