Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

To the Lady In Drive Through Last Night:

Screw you. Your order was a chili cheese burrito, a meximelt, and a cheesy beefy melt (I think), then you added on a fry supreme at the window, followed by you pulling ahead so the next guy in line could come up to the window, then you come back and say that you're missing a chili cheese burrito and a meximelt. No. Not unless you took them out of the bag and left them in your car. You're lucky Michelle was the closing manager, because anybody else would've asked you to either pay for the items or leave. And what's this she said about you complaining of a hair in your food after she gave you replacements for those two items you claimed to have been missing? Enough is enough, simply put. Now, I took a certain liberty with the extra chili cheese burrito Michelle wanted made (putting hardly any cheese on it), but yeah. You have the receipt in the bag. Look at it.

This is the same lady that, from what Cindy was telling me, came through a couple days ago as well, and dropped a toonie outside the window, and said she wasn't going to get out of her car and search for it. Apparently, after she pulled away, Cindy went outside to grab it, and the coin was nowhere to be found.

We were out of there shortly after 2 otherwise though. Not too bad, given that it was rather busy earlier in the night, and Karen didn't show up yet again. I know she got a write-up for it too, because I saw it on the desk in the office when I was putting one of the calculators back. Funny thing is, this time, she didn't even call in sick. She just phoned around 5 in the afternoon (or so I'm told) to check when she had to work, and also mentioned that she wasn't feeling well. I'd really like to know how that equals "I won't be in tonight", but as far as I can tell, everyone else felt the same way.

I did head to Sobeys shortly after getting home though, so all that's left for Sunday is to head to Taco Bell tonight and make it quite clear to Steve that I cannot start at 8 that night.

In other news, I'm not sure if I'm actually sick, but something really annoying keeps happening every morning, which, coupled with the heat (although it's actually not that hot today), really help when it comes to getting a good sleep. I'll wake up seemingly at random, and start sneezing almost uncontrollably, which will only stop after I blow my nose, say, five or six times :s I have a large (and growing) pile of balled-up toilet paper on my bedroom floor, and have gone through almost a full roll of toilet paper as well ;_; It's nothing that hasn't happened before, but it's still extremely annoying.

On an unrelated note, I have at least two things to do with my afternoon tomorrow, being grocery shopping, and heading to one of the two Money Marts in this city to get one of these for MFF. And then if Madius responds favorably to the question I asked in the message I sent him on here, I'll more than likely be heading to Via Rail to get another train ticket as well ^^ Hopefully EB Games has Mario Kart Wii while we're out getting groceries, but if not, Boom Blox also looks rather interesting~

Anyways, very abrupt ending now because the phone's ringing, and nobody else is here to pick it up :s

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