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It *Was* Raining Earlier...

All I know is the thunder woke me up around 11, and I fell back asleep 'till 3 after that, but now it's back to being way too humid out again ;_; Although there's a severe thunderstorm warning, so maybe that'll make things cool down a bit. I doubt it though :s And then continuing with things I don't think will happen, Steve more than likely doesn't close tonight, but meh. If worse comes to worse, I'll just call them at 4 or 5 on Sunday and say then that I can't start 'till 9. Or maybe I should just do that and not say anything if I see him either tonight or tomorrow...

Today has been pretty boring otherwise though. I plan on going back to Boom Blox once I finish writing this, but other than that, and a strange dream which I can only remember faint details of, nothing much has happened. But maybe there'll be something interesting at work. Oh, and it's Friday the 13th too, but nothing really bad has gone on either :p For that matter, I found a five dollar bill in the dryer earlier, and I could be sure I checked all my pockets before putting my stuff in the washer. Works for me ^^

Adam's probably going to be home in a few minutes though, so I might as well start playing that game before he sees that I'm not and wants to. Or maybe Mario Kart Wii, but I need to find that other battery so we can do two player races. Mario Kart DS was fun for that (I still remember playing vs. for hours on end with Josh and Adam), but feh. It's not *quite* the same...

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