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I Have Three Emails to Send

Maybe four, because I really should ask Michele if I'm actually done for the summer, and if so, when she'd like me to contact her again about coming back.

The other three, however, are going to Brandon, Cori, and Kaley, from work. Why? Because I'm getting tired of them bothering me about my tail(s) now too, but as with Manoah, I don't want to say why I wear them to work while I'm there, because I probably wouldn't be able to figure out what to say, and then because *somebody* else would ask what we were talking about, and it'd just fall apart from there. Thing is, I told them I'd send it some time after I got home from work, but I got sidetracked with other things, (one being Firefox slowing down to an absolute crawl, so hopefully upgrading to Firefox 3 does something for that), so they'll be lucky to get it before I leave tonight :p Meh.

But otherwise, like yesterday, nothing too interesting has gone on so far, but I woke up only 45 minutes ago, so I'm not sure what I'm expecting.

And actually, make that five emails. I still haven't heard back from Chesh, and I'm almost positive that email would've been sent to her on the tenth, so I'll send another one off to her before I leave, purely to check if she got the other one or not~ And then if nothing by this coming Tuesday, I'll be contacting SPark about (hand)paws *and* ears ^^ An actual head still seems a bit expensive at this point, which is why. Oh, and then I need to get new shoes for work, but that can wait 'till Thursday or Friday as well, seeing as those are the two days I have off next week~ If I didn't know any better, I'd say my schedule is slowly going back to what it used to be like (8 - close Sunday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday off), but we'll have to see.

While I'm on the topic of work though, a couple things involving it specifically:

[1] Booked July 13th through 16th off, which I really should've done *before* going to Via Rail, seeing as the 13th was the first day in July that hadn't been crossed off (meaning the schedule for that day is being planned, it's too late for anyone (else) to book it off), so now just to wait :3 Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to that photoshoot thing, whenever it happens, but I hardly doubt a tail and footpaws constitute a whole fursuit anyways :s Ah well. I'm sure there'll be other fursuiting events to come, and all I really wanted in the first place was an... "excuse" to wear one of my tails out and about, which has since been taken care of ^^;

[2] Where to start... Sunday of last week seems good enough. There was a note on the board at the back from Sheila saying that we had an excellent close, which Michelle found amusing, because every time we don't do anything extra, we get told something along those lines, but when we actually do prep for the openers and whatever else, it just sort of gets overlooked. Skip ahead to a couple days ago, and she (Michelle) had said something about how we were now getting in trouble for something we'd done on Saturday, from Sheila, no less. Apparently one or some of Shawn's relatives came through the drive through at ten-to, and were displeased with either how short whoever was on it was being with them, or that we didn't have something they wanted, so they went to him, and he went to Sheila about it.

Let me say one thing right now: I don't care if you know Earl, Shawn / Mike, or even the store owner. If you have a problem with your food, or the service you were given, either talk to the manager on duty, or call and ask to speak to Earl or Sheila the next day. Shawn himself is supposed to be checking up on us. *Not* his relatives. The only feasible explanation for why they'd go to him in the first place is because they know they'll get what they want that way.e

So Josh stopped in last night, and mentioned that (among other things) causing Michelle to get all pissed off, and thus we were open right 'till 3 (and a cab came through at 2:59, no less), and had to sign a sheet detailing what we'd carried over, to prove that we couldn't possibly have run out of any food.

Feh. I know I'm just regular crew, and could probably get in trouble for actually doing it, but regardless of who's closing, I'm not going to put down extra food just to ensure we don't run out, and of course I'm going to be irritated (for a little while, at least) when we have to stay open right 'till 2 or 3, just because somebody is scared of Shawn and / or his relatives. What I'd like to see is him pop in with no warning whatsoever, as opposed to this "Shawn's going to be coming in some night coming up, so you'd better be doing everything right" thing, only to have one of his relatives come through instead.

Moving on, once again, I asked Steve about starting at 9 instead of 8 on Sunday, and like the two times I have so far already, he said that'd be fine at first, then looked at the schedule, said something else about how it was only the two of us closing, then walked away. But I told the same thing to Michelle, and apparently they're thinking about bringing Karen in to close, and she's better than nobody. But when we leave tonight, I'm going to tell him "See you at 9 tomorrow", and make sure he hears it. After that, well, I'm showing up at 9. Or maybe half an hour early or something depending on how long we are at Kelsey's, and whether not I feel like walking to work immediately afterwards.

Oh, and Josh closes this Wednesday too, so I might happen to want Dairy Queen then :3 Karen's the other closer, so I could ask her if she wants anything too, but no. She hasn't been closing for all that long in the first place, and besides, the *cough* past two times I was supposed to close with her, she didn't show up. Or at least that was going to be my plan 'till he came in yesterday night, saw that I didn't have my name tag on (now, give me a name tag that says "Karadur", and I'll gladly wear it :p), and that if I wasn't wearing it when I closed with him next week, he'd write me up. Erf. I still might, I guess, but it all depends on how things go that night.

But anyways, I suppose I could take care of at least four of those emails right now. Michelle won't see hers 'till Monday at earliest, but meh~


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