Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another Weird Dream

Another weird dream I just had. It wasn't about work, but I'm sure you can guess what (hint, it's three letters long and there are two i's in it :p)

Me and Josh were going up to EB Games, because I was going to ask them if they had any more in, but first of all, the placement of the store was weird. Right now there's a Quiznos, some shoe store, a Circuit City, if I remember correctly, and a Bell place. EB Games is on the far left of all those, just for reference. When we were walking up to it, we were heading toward the right hand side of the building (looking at them from the front), but none of the others were there. Also, for whatever reason, they had one of the items in question out in front of their store, plugged in for some reason, and the thought crossed my mind about how easy it would be to steal. When we went inside the place, we were greeted with a surprise as well. Everything was reversed. The front counter was over on the left hand side of the building, same thing with all the game displays, but strangely enough, the door at the back that leads into the staff-only area was still in the same place. Anyways, Kyle was at the counter, and I could see him bag up someone else's purchase, and hand it to them, so I asked him if they had any left. He said "No" then got this really downcast look on his face, so I asked him when they were going to be getting more in. He did something on his computer, then pulled out a binder and a little calendar on a sheet of paper, and after poring over those for a couple minutes, put a stamp on one of the boxes and said "February 25th". I was right pissed, because I didn't want to wait that long to get one, so I went outside, steaming, and crumpled up and tossed the piece of paper into the garbage after I realized there were still Walmart, Future Shop, and the Real Canadian Superstore (among other places) that might have what I was after.

After that, I woke up, and realized "Hey! It's out today :o", then I couldn't back to sleep due to extreme excitement and anxiousness. Like I told myself upstairs though, my goal is to have one by the end of the week. At latest, by the end of the month.

I did get a good sleep though (and for some reason, it seemed longer than normal), so upon getting home from work tonight, I'm either just staying up, or I'll go to bed 'till 7 or 8. That might be the better idea, as then I'll actually get some sleep.

Still though, I'm making all these plans around the assumption that I'm going to get one. I need to start asking myself what I'm going to do if they're all sold out tomorrow. I think if that happens I might up and head to Staples to get a new pair of speakers for this computer, because not only is the big problem with all this being me wanting to spend money, but also because the speakers we have now have gotten to the point where they won't work if you don't adjust the cord connecting to the computer in just a certain way. After that, that leaves only the printer and the computer itself to be upgraded. Not even going to bother with the printer, because it doesn't get enough use to merit keeping as is, and the computer, I'm not even going to worry about until our money from Grandpa comes.

Well, for now, I think I'm going to go play some StepMania. The Glass Prison has been going through my head ever since I got up to go to the bathroom, so I think I'll do that song first :p

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