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Something from Cori. I haven't read it yet, but I will. And then I have to send the same sort of email to Josh and Chris now too. Erf ;_; Josh made an interesting comment last night though about how I've gotten weirder and weirder over the years <3 Oh, and then he also had a couple other interesting things to say, but one was a sort of private matter between him and another employee, and the other was something he wasn't supposed to let slip in the first place :s Ah well.

Work wasn't bad, given that *cough* somebody called in. I'll give you one guess too. Hint: it starts with "M". My till ended up being short too, and in retrospect, I should not have signed the cash shortage slip because I didn't count it at the beginning of the night, and Joe was using it before me. Then at the end of the night, we closed at ~5 to, and of course, another car promptly pulled up, so I told them we were closed, and they asked "Well, you guys are open 'till 3, right?" Strange, and I really hope we don't hear about it tonight. Oh, and to top it all off, at the beginning of the night, before I'd even clocked in, Steve literally started shouting at someone in drive through "Alright, sir. You can LEAVE!", because Joe had asked him to pull up to the window and repeat his order there, and he'd started swearing or something. Of course, he refused to leave until the police were phoned *sigh*

And then tonight, we've gone from two closers to four. Karen was asked to come in, and she agreed, but will be going home early if we don't need her, and Earl's going to be there as well. Meh. The biggest problem I have about working with Earl is having to tuck my shirt in :x Steve says he's just going to be there to do random cleaning, but if I didn't know any better, I'd say he's closing to make sure Steve does things "properly". One thing I won't do involving all that mess that's currently going on though is having an extra five pounds of beef for carryover. Why do they want it? Because if there's none in the morning, it looks like we ran out the night before. I cannot wait 'till the middle of next month or so, or for however long it takes for this to blow over.

But anyways, supper at 6, and the only thing I absolutely have to do before then is seal envelope the card is in. Perhaps I'll play Guitar Hero III and / or Mario Kart Wii to pass some of the time~

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