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We Eat Too Much ;_;

Referring to going out for supper earlier tonight. It was indeed really nice, but the total was a bit more than I had expected. For the sake of easiness, receipt. I got the "BBQ Pizza" and "1 2 Mini Desrt", and one of the zero-dollar waters too, Adam ordered spaghetti and meatballs, which he was pissed off with at first because they gave him a spoon, Naomi got the club thing, and Mom and Dad, of course got those two "Fire Gr 11oz" steaks, at $20 a piece. Erf. Thankfully I was able to pay with debit, because Adam and I only brought along $60 each, but Mom "paid" for the tip, which ended up being $10. I'm sure I could come up with some sort of justification for not including the other $2, but by the time I figured it might be a better idea to do that, it was too late. All in all it was nice though, which I suppose is what counts seeing as Father's Day is only a once-a-year thing.

And then amusingly, I would've had plenty of time to get to work for 8, but I did a few things here (one of them was replying to what Josh had sent me after I'd sent him the "tail email", which I'll get to in a bit) then left at 8. There were only a couple cars in the drive through when I got there, and the one customer in the dining room left shortly after I arrived, but about ten minutes after that maybe ten or eleven more came in, but they had eaten and gone before I clocked in. The close itself was incredibly good, even though Earl was there. Let's see here... On top of the stuff we normally do, one of the fryers got changed (Earl did that), then I took both wrap racks out from above hot line, and cleaned back in where they had been, which is something I haven't seen done since I started working there :s Then I also pulled the grill out and cleaned everything from underneath it (mostly grill cleaner that had fallen off the back, but there were a couple fries and pieces of chicken), then the same thing with the mexi melters. Oh, and we deckscrubbed before we left too, but that's only because we closed fifteen minutes early because we hadn't had a customer in an entire hour. Earl, of course, left at 12:30. If he hadn't things might not have gone nearly as well for the end of the night stuff, but I'm quite pleased with how things went altogether.

Then tomorrow it's supposed to be Michelle, Manoah, and me closing, and Manoah was carrying on quite enough about how he wanted to be on drive through last night (and I wanted so badly to say to him "The only reason you want to do this is so won't have to take down line"), so he'll probably be on it then, and I'll be on line, because Michelle, as usual, will clean the dining room then do prep, or possibly just do one or the other because Cindy is supposed to be there 'till 11 as well...

Anyways, as for that reply I got from Josh, it said something to the effect of "From what I've read it sounds like cosplay, except everyone is a, well, cat", except completely devoid of punctuation :s The reply I sent to him said that not all furries were cats, although I should've pointed out that not all furries are going to be into fursuiting either, but meh. If it comes up whenever, I'll point that out. Oh, and that one from Cori just said "I won't tell anyone, and that sounds sort of cool. Thanks." It honestly makes me wonder what I was making such a big fuss about... Got a reply from Chesh as well though, which said that she didn't get an email on the 10th, so I asked her about the ears again. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what I'm doing by this Thursday, because I'd like to at least have the money transferring to my Paypal account by then (I figure $200, just to be on the safe side, but we'll see). Speaking of money, I also have to get up to the bank sometime this week while it's still open to deposit the money I have from supper. Although I could just keep it up in my room and spend it on whatever, I'd rather it go back into my account to replace what was taken out of it to pay for our meal tonight :s I know I spent more than I got paid the Thursday before last too, which was the cause of a weird dream where I was at EB Games buying another PSP. All I could think was "I do have the money for this, but I really don't want to spend it" and "It's going to be a pain installing custom firmware on this one". Weird.

And lastly, I received an IM from FriedCanine earlier this morning about some "Zombiewalk" in London next month. Apparently it's something I should go to, but unless, by some miracle, it happens to fall on the 15th, and someone will be there to give me a ride home, it's not going to happen. And besides, I honestly can't say I like the idea of dressing up as a zombie and "marching" around. Now, just sort of walking along with them I could go for, but not otherwise :p

It's time for bed now though. Or at least time to go upstairs. Maybe I'll play Pic Pic or something 'till I get tired enough to go to sleep~

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