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Almost All Caught Up

That is, in terms of emails and such. Michelle simply said that all they were really doing was the Big Bike stuff, so if there was any computer work to be done, she'd phone, but otherwise she'd get ahold of me or the other way around in September. Josh didn't have much to say to the furry part of the second reply I sent him, although he did specify where he'll be living in London. Mornington Ave., which is a decent enough distance away from either the train station and / or Cola & Madius's apartment. Meh. I only told him I *might* stop by to visit him there sometime, and the only way that's going to happen is if I do another thing like the 13th to 15th of next month, except one day longer, and also where I won't have to be at the train station 'till ten or so. We'll see what happens, I guess.

Oh, and Chesh replied too. She still plans on making those ears, because it'd "be nice to have a pair that go with the tail, and are made of the same fur". I haven't the heart to tell her that although I'll probably bring the tail in question along with me (to MFF), it wouldn't surprise me if I brought the second one I got from SPark as well. While I'm thinking of her, sometime (hopefully) before I leave for work "tomorrow" afternoon, I'm going to email her to at least say "Hey, I want to commission those other paws now". Strangely though, I have exactly $30 left in my Paypal, when I thought I had transferred just enough to pay for the registration for the con :s Oh well. I still have to cover the shipping for those ears, but I don't see why they wouldn't be sent in some sort of envelope instead, and thus it should be a bit cheaper than using a box :p

And work. Sort of like yesterday night, in that we were able to get everything caught up with a bit of extra cleaning done in hardly any time, and the grill is much cleaner than it's been for a while as well. If I can be bothered to, one of the things I'm going to start doing each night I'm on line is to wipe out the stuff from underneath it. It's amazing how quickly the grill cleaner and other such crumbs and larger pieces of food pile up under there. The walk there and home was surprisingly nice too, although a bit windy on the way there which was rather flustering because it kept blowing my tail either up between my legs, or off to one side enough so that I could see it :p And then Manoah had stuffed it into his bag while he was in the bathroom changing. I went in there after him, and when I reached down to grab my pants, noticed something missing, so I put them on, didn't even bother to grab my belt, found him, and said "I believe you have something of mine." He played it off like it was a joke, and I hope he seriously wasn't trying to steal it. Karen's till had already magically been $50 short, which Manoah and I both had to sign a sheet for to confirm that Michelle had counted the till more than once, and the safe as well without finding it, and I had watched her do both things (in truth, there were orders while she was counting the safe), so there shouldn't be any reason to expect her to have to cover some of that. I can't remember if I've said it in here already, but the only time Karen's till seems to be short is when Michelle closes. She (Karen) was on drive through last night, and there were no problems with it then, but tonight $50 had gone missing. Manoah wants to find some way to catch her doing it, but my idea is simply this: when she closes, and is on either drive through or front cash (she was on the latter tonight), *do not* leave her on line alone, and see how her till ends up then. If it's fine, the next time she's on the same sort of thing, let her be the only one up there for however long, and if it's short at the end of the night, ask "What's going on?" Now, that would be more effective if you repeated step one more than once, but the point still stands. Oh, and it's always $50 or something close to that too. I think it's been $45 or $40 before, but it's always an even amount (with no cents, that is) which is the suspicious part. And the sand / fish flies are back to. Ick. I remember walking around the school yard back in public school stuffing a whole bunch into some Flinstones-themed McDonalds toy, which I can't believe I did now. Those things are nasty ;_;

Also, the bottom of a very full bag of garbage gave way halfway to the dumpster, which was really fun to clean up. Let's just say Manoah was taking pictures, and we were laughing about it quite a bit ^^; It seems that mess involving us not being allowed to do various stuff at certain times (as well as Shawn coming in) is starting to die down too. We closed at five-to tonight, and I would've asked at 1:50 if two vehicles hadn't pulled in at 1:48. Sometimes I wish I could ask them "Why do you wait 'till the last minute?" or something like that. Our most recent customer before them had come at exactly 12:49, so there was entire 59 minutes in which they could've gotten into their vans and come through. Feh.

Some progress on Mario Kart Wii too. Just finished the 50cc class, although I'm thinking about playing through a couple of them just to see if getting all star ranks unlocks anything else... Rainbow Road is fun too <3 Well, not fun where the lack of rails along some edges of the track is concerned, but otherwise it looks nice, and has good music too~ Boom Blox is still coming along alright, although I haven't touched it in a couple days. The concept is fun enough, but the frustrating part is wanting to figure out what needs to be done in a given level to get the gold rank, but not being able to. Feh.

At any rate though, it's now 6:09, and I don't want to be down here when Dad comes down. Not because I don't want to see him, but just because it's a really unnerving way of saying "It's this early in the morning and you're still up?" Thus, I'm going to head upstairs. I doubt Chesh (I keep typing "Chesy") will have replied by the time I wake up, but I will have downloading Firefox 3 to look forward to. If you haven't already heard about it, click. I'm not trying to say "Use Firefox!", but if you already do and haven't heard of that yet, do give consideration to taking part ^^

And now I'm going to bed. Staying up this late / early is fun because I get really talkative, but that's one of the few advantages~

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