Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Everyone's Going to Know by the Time This is Done

Just when I think the whole "Why do you wear a tail?" thing might be over with, I see Ange at work last night, and she mentions that I haven't sent her an email yet. Umm... I told you I *might*, because you weren't bothering me nearly as much as everyone else about it. So I'll send that to her sometime before I leave for work, and then of course next time I see her there she'll say that she got it, and, oh, Eric, for example, will ask "What?", and then he'll want to know too ;_;

And then Firefox 3 getting released yesterday. Installed it right over Firefox 2, without so much as bothering to back up my bookmarks or extensions (or even save a session of what tabs I had open). Upon opening it again, I was informed that several of my extensions were incompatible with version 3, most of which had some part in the layout of the browser (Vertigo for the tabs on the left, etc.), so I looked up directions for how to disable the compatibility checks, then restarted, and the browser wouldn't load at all :s And of course, I couldn't reinstall it without completely removing all my custom settings. But now I have both Firefox 2 and 3 installed, and it's just going to take a bit of getting used to saving a new session each time I need to restart it. At least until the absolutely necessary extensions have been updated for Firefox 3. And really the only thing I like about is the new location bar *shrug*

But anyways, after a quick search, I found that the Canada Trust over by Taco Bell is open 'till 8 tonight, so I'm going to bring that money from supper on Sunday and deposit it then. Not too sure about going to Dairy Queen either, even though Josh closes, just because of what it's like out there. It's nice that it got a bit cooler, and makes it much better for sleeping, but not so much for things that are actually better when it's warm out :x Oh well.

Work yesterday night wasn't bad, even though it started off busy, but that seems to be the trend now, because there were only four or five cars in the last two hours, if that at all :s Got my pay stub too, to which there was an extra sheet attached - vacation pay ^^. This Thursday, there'll be almost $1,000 going into my bank account~ Unfortunately, half of it's going to be making up for how much I spent since last time we got paid (what I can think of is the $100 for Father's Day, and the other ~$110 I spent on Boom Blox and Mario Kart Wii, although I know there are more), and then a good chunk of the rest will be going towards those paws from SPark...

But on that note, I'm going to send her the email now before I put it off any longer. Then probably Ange's afterwards, but that's not quite as important.

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