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Thanks for Listening, Josh

Shortly after I clocked in tonight, he asked me if I'd talked to Alec (someone who worked there last summer) recently, and I said no. Apparently he (Josh) is going to have to get me in touch with him because he's furry as well... Problem is, he used that exact word, so screw the trying to keep it hidden. One of the things I still don't want to have happen is to have one of them find my LJ here, and one of these times I'm going to forget to change the "Send From" thing to that throwaway address. Thus, they'd have my real email, and all they have to do is search Google for that. One of the results is my thing on furry.ca, wherein I included a link to this :s

Really though, the only one I still have to tell is Ange, and that's purely because I don't know what email address she's using now.

There was something even better than that later on in the night though. Josh and I were out in the dining room sitting down, and he asked something like "This furry thing you're into... is it a sexual thing?" Told him that it could be ("could" in the "It depends on which way you look at it" sense), and of course, his next question was "Well is it for you?" Erf. Said that I wasn't going to tell him, because some things are better to remain mysteries (I was going to say "better left unsaid", but that would mean "Yes, but I'm not going to tell you"), followed by some other question after that. I can't remember exactly what he said then, but it had something to do with "Is it the fur, or...?", followed by him telling me that he likes long legs. Great Josh, seriously, but to quote Manoah, "I don't want to know what you do in your bedroom, and you don't need to know what goes on in mine."

And then right at the end of the night I put the tail back on while I was changing, despite him having previously said that if I was wearing it in his car he'd shove me out while moving at high speed :p

The thing about Alec is interesting though. Apparently Patrick's (somebody we were friends with in high school) Mom saw me wearing one while I was on my way somewhere (to work, presumably), so next time he saw Josh, he asked if I was a furry, which must've been after I sent him the email, because he said yes. Then some friend of Pat's asked where I live so he could come burn our house down ;_; Thus far, I haven't had any problems wearing a tail around, outside of the initial getting over my apprehension the first time with Noir, but I'm not just going to say "Oh, meh" if I run into anyone that actually tries to make a problem out of it. I'm wearing a tail because I'm a furry, and they just take up space on my chair otherwise. I don't care if you don't like it, but please at least *try* to keep it to yourself, or be civil about it.

Anyways though, went to Sobeys about an hour after getting home, with the airbrushed one instead, so next time I have to work (Saturday), I might wear that one in. We'll see ^^ I'd still like to be able to meet up with you again sometime, Noir, and probably just walk around the park / swing on the swings, or take a longer walk again depending on what the weather's like, so what do you say to next Thursday or Friday?

But finally, in terms of handpaws and ears, sent the email to SPark, but still haven't heard back from her, so if there's nothing by this time tomorrow or so, I'll poke her to see. Chesh should at least have the ears started as well. I requested she let me know when they get shipped out too, and got a "not a problem ^_^" in reply, so I'm just waiting on that now too~ It would be cool to have them by the next time I go to London, but that all depends on how fast she gets them done. I suppose I shouldn't complain though. Half a year later, and I'm still getting a pair of ears for free ^^;

It's time I was heading to bed once again though. I could write about work, but it was pretty much a standard shift outside of that furry stuff, and being called by Karen (from home) for a URL for a website to download homebrew PSP games *shrug* Hopefully it remains cold too, because I'd like to sleep in for as long as I possibly can. The first step is getting upstairs though~

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