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More Thoughts About Work

They aren't so much thoughts as much as stuff that's been going on, but the other word sounds alot better :p

[1] As soon as I walked in on Tuesday night, Joe said he had a serious question for me. At first I thought it was going to be about the tail, but as it turns out, he has some sort of plans for this Friday, and had asked everyone else possible to cover his shift (5 - 9, I think), but they all said no. In his words I was his "Last hope", which is really annoying. How exactly am I supposed to say no to that? But thankfully he left without ever getting a definite answer, although I should also mention that he offered to give me $20 to go along with it as well. I don't mind getting called in at night, as long as they're willing to meet *my* conditions, but for a supper shift is a different story. I plan on going there tonight with Adam though, because Manoah wants to buy his other PSP, and Joe might be there then too...

[2] One of the other things Josh brought up last night was how he and Earl got into a shouting match outside the other afternoon, and how Earl wants to get him fired either because of the outcome of it, or for something he did beforehand. Apparently it's going to take an awful lot to do so, because of how long he's worked there, and I don't see why Earl can't just suck it up, given that Josh is moving to London in August. From what I've heard though, he's having other problems outside of work, so that could be one of the causes too. I'm not sure where Josh got the other thing he said, but if it's true, Earl won't be the GM for a whole lot longer anyways, and if / when he does get let go, they're probably going to "clean house" of the rest of the managers, and almost all the staff will leave too because our store is one of the most lax there is, and they won't like all the new rules and such. That went on to how I'd be fired if I didn't have my shirt tucked in three times, or would be sent home if I didn't have my name tag on, and the like. I hope it doesn't actually come to that, but even if it does I can't picture things turning out to be as horrible as he seems to think they'll be. The biggest thing will be stuff we normally do on closes, like bagging line, or cleaning the fry dump, and in those cases, it's a simple matter of asking "Can this be done?" and if the answer is no, "Why not?" All we hear these days is "You guys can't be doing this at night", and I'd like to know why bertha, for example, can't be bagged. Surely it's a better idea to clean and put a garbage bag inside it, so in the event it gets filled up, the bag can simply be taken out, and a new one put in. It has to be a good deal more sanitary than letting the stuff accumulate in there all day is.

[3] Further to the Shawn coming in to check up on us thing, recent events have shown that relatives of his come through instead, and as opposed to phoning in the morning, or the same night, if they have a problem with their order, they go to him. I could be sure I wrote about this before, but I guess I am again. I got into a slight argument about it with Josh last night, which culminated with him asking me if I thought he should be coming through to order their food for them then, and completely missed the point in doing so. If we get told that Shawn will be coming in to make sure we're doing things right, then he himself should be doing so. If he can't be bothered to do that, however, and instead either asks his relatives to go for him, or they come through without being asked and still have some sort of problem, there's really no way to hold that against us. At least for him. Earl and / or Shelia, sure, but not Shawn himself. The only unfortunate part of that argument is that I doubt I'll ever actually have a chance to use it.

But also before I forget the few bits I do remember of them,

[a] If I had to guess, I'd say this one was influenced by the furry-related questions Josh asked me at work yesterday night. I was in London with him, at Cola and Madius's apartment, specifically, and he said he had to go to the bathroom, so I pointed him down to the door at the end of the hallway. Next thing I know a door opens and a light flips on, and I see Madius in what I took to be his room. At least I assume it was him, because he was wearing the same red shirt he had on when we went for lunch last time I was actually there. Apparently Josh had gotten a bit too curious or something, but instead of trying to explain things, my mind was filled with the overwhelming urge to just hide, because I knew I shouldn't have let him in the apartment in the first place, and I figured I'd get yelled at or in some other form of trouble :s

[b] This one had to have stemmed from Uncle Brent phoning to talk to Adam yesterday. Last time we were at their place for that family reunion thing, the two of them got to talking, and Uncle Brent asked if Adam would like to stay there for a week or so. I'm sure he likes the thought, but, well, whether or not he'll actually do it is up to him. Anyways, in the dream, Uncle Brent, Aunt Joyce, and I were stalking around our house here, in search of something in the attic, I presume, because it felt like we were headed to the highest point of the house. Something else (I don't know exactly what) was after us though, so we had to get in and out as soon as possible. We located the item we needed, then somehow went from the attic to the basement, because we were suddenly walking up the stairs to the landing by the side door. The two of them started discussing how we'd get out of the house from there (apparently whatever was after us was now on the main floor of the house), and although it was the obvious move to make, I realized we could just walk out the side door, and thought myself very smart for working that out. I didn't tell them at first though, instead just asking Aunt Joyce to move. All I remember after getting outside was them saying something like "That was easier".

At any rate though, it's probably time we were off. Oh, and enjoy your parties, Noir ^^ I could've just posted that in a comment to that entry, but that'd entail saying something about the rest of it, and I really can't think of anything good :s


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