Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe It'll Have Stopped Raining by Then...

I'd *like* to wear my airbrushed tail to work tonight, but if it's raining, I'll probably just bring one of the other two, and ask for a ride at that. I mean, it's nice waking up to see the sky all dark and overcast outside, but it'd be even more nicer than that if a) I didn't have to work tonight, and if it was colder out, so I could go back to sleep for another hou r or so.

But the past day has been quite slow as well. Started playing Banjo Kazooie on my laptop again, using one of Adam's 360 controllers, but I'm stuck right now. I think the next place I have to go is Rusty Bucket Bay, but I can find neither the puzzle to open it, nor a way to get the water to raise up higher. Although last time I played the game I let him to the entire thing for me, which really threw me off, so this time I'll either watch or just ask him where to go and do it myself :p Might start into Banjo Tooie after it as well, which I gave up on last time too because I made it to Glitter Gulch Mine, then let him play it for a while, which really doesn't help for the whole "What still needs to be done?" thing. As I recall, that game was significantly more annoying / difficult than the first one was though. Something about all the lands being even minutely (as in one small area containing a switch or something) linked, and all the backtracking you needed to do after finding moves in later lands. In Banjo Kazooie, the only place that happens is between Freezeezy Peak and Gobi's Valley. Oh, but I'll definitely have to go around and collect all the Stop 'n Swop stuff after beating the game~ Adam's at work 'till five though, so it might just be faster for me to look at a guide on GameFAQs :s

Otherwise, still absolutely no reply from Josh or SPark. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was getting ready for AC next week, but the "Next Appearance" thing on her website is for something next year :\ Meh. If there's still nothing by tomorrow (or perhaps later), I'll try contacting her with that MSN address she has listed on her site too. Apparently it's for business only, which is quite fine by me. As for Josh, well, next time I see him at work, I can ask him what's going on there. The night he brought up that Alec was a furry too, I said "No, it's his brother, because I got an email from him a while back about that", but then figured "Well, maybe Alec is too", so when I sent the email to Josh asking for Alec's email address or some other means of contacting him, I included a bit of that other email, specifically the part that said "A fellow furry".

Anyways though, I've found a couple things in one of my RSS Feeds / Live Bookmarks that look interesting, so as opposed to going to read those and forgetting about this, I'm going to post this, then go read those~

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