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Most of my afternoon earlier today was spent playing Banjo Kazooie, so by the time I left for work, I had everything completed up to winter in Click Clock Woods, except for "watering" the flower in spring, which didn't strike me as suspicious until I saw that the large patch of dirt with the hole in the middle was the same in all four seasons :p Then when I got home, I did everything in winter, went through Grunty's Furnace Fun, and up to the final battle and such. It's sort of amusing, how before, Adam and I knew *everything* about the game (he still does to a degree), and yet I'd completely forgotten about the last four note doors :p Right now though, I have a state saved during the final battle, where the only thing I have left to do is *cough* "deposit" three eggs into the last Jinjo statue. No matter what angle they come from though, they always end up bouncing around inside or outside of it :x But I suppose I'll try that again after I've gone to bed and woken up again :3

Work was alright, and apparently it was much less busy than it had been yesterday and Thursday night, so that works~ Brought two containers of candy I'd bought at Sobeys on Wednesday in, which everyone seemed to enjoy (they were "Cherry Sours" and "Spearmint Leaves"), so I'll bring the other container in tomorrow night, because I don't particularly like those ones. And then I'll probably head to Sobeys again sometime this coming week to pick up more ^^ Wore my airbrushed tail as well, although I didn't walk to work. Meh. It's sort of strange, how Dad hasn't asked one single thing about them yet, but maybe Mom showed him the sheet or something. Naomi said both yesterday night and tonight at supper that it was nice, but that's been about the extent of it *shrug* Oh, and Manoah also didn't believe (at first) that there was such animal as a snow leopard either. Everyone else just seems to have a "Meh" attitude about the entire thing otherwise though, which is alright.

While I'm on the topic though, SPark replied back while I was away at work, to say that handpaws as I describe would indeed be $180. So now I'm waiting 'till next Tuesday on a transfer of $200 from my bank account to Paypal account~ There was one other question I asked her though that I should read her response to sometime soon, but I'll do that tomorrow. Probably the same time I send her a reply to say "Okay. I'm just waiting on the money, but that's what I'll be getting then". No word from Josh or Chesh yet, but if I can figure out some non-awkward way to ask Josh if he really was thinking of Alec, I'll ask him next time we work together (tomorrow night for two hours, I believe), and I'll give Chesh 'till the end of the week before I start wondering what's going on again.

Oh, and Guitar Hero: On Tour is supposed to be coming out today, but with any luck EB Games will still have it on Thursday because that's the soonest I can see being out there. We'll see, I guess. Megaman Starforce 2 is supposed to be coming out on Tuesday as well, but I'll probably just *cough* download it *cough* If it turns out to be really good I'll probably buy the other version next time I'm out at EB Games, but that remains to be seen right now.

Anyways, bedtime. Or at least go up to my room and play Mario's Picross 2 'till I get tired enough to go to bed time~

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