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Please Ignore my Previous Rant Regarding the Board

I'm writing this from our public library, as I had originally come in here to read some reviews on Metroid Prime Pinball, but I decided to check on what used to be the main page of Acmlm's Board to see if anything new was there. To put it simply, there is. Right now, I can see two timers on it. One of them still has 8 days and something left on it, while the other has no time left. The first one has text below it that says "time until board returns". Underneath the bottom timer is more text that says "time until archive is viewable for real this time. That timer is a link to the archive, which I cannot access. It's something with the configuration of these computers though, so I don't have a choice in viewing it today.

Now, Taco Bell yesterday. For it being my first day, it was alright, although it could've gone better. One thing I can't stand about the place though is the smell of the grease / oil used to heat up the fries or whatnot. Even after having a shower last night, the smell still hung on me a bit. Also, as things stand right now, next time I have to go in is next Friday, from 10 at night until 5 in the morning. We actually close at 4, but an hour is required for cleaning up. The same times apply for Saturday, and as for Sunday, I start at 10 once again, and get done at 3. That's going to be interesting. I generally don't stay up past 1:00. Sometimes, if I have a friend over or I'm at his house, we stay up 'till around 4 or 5, and very occasionally, the whole night. Anyways, yes, my first day. It was mainly spent preparing ingredients for food. I know how to prepare the following things now:

:: Beef. Take a bag out of the fridge, and drop it into the hot water. Press the appropriate button on the timer, and wait do something else until it goes off.
:: Vegetables. Take a bag out of the fridge. Grab a rack for them, and open it up. Pull the top of the bag down over the two spikes on the rack, so that it stays in place. Secure the bag of vegetables, and drop it into the water. Press the vegetable button on the timer, and do something else again until it beeps.
:: Fries. The most simple of all. Grab a bag from the small fridge, and cut it open. Dump the contents into one of the baskets, and put it into the oil. Press the button in front of you, and do something else until it goes off.

There are others, but I don't feel like going into an explanation for all of them. The one thing I don't like is the fact that we have to label the food for how long it will last and such. Take flatbread for an example. You need to get a sticker from the roll, and write three times on it. The first is one hour ahead of what the current time is. The second is two hours ahead of what the time you just wrote was. The third is four hours after the second time. Also, at the top of the sticker, you need to write the date. That's fairly easy, but their method of writing the date is odd. Right now, it's 12:50 PM, on November 12th. If I had to write a label right now, it'd look something like this:


No, I didn't forget the "M" in "PM". As you might be able to tell, I'm not exactly looking forward to my next shift, but it's earning me money, so I can't complain.

I'm seriously thinking of getting a PSP now, especially with Tales of Eternia and The Legend of Heroes coming out for it. I have enough money in my bank account now to get one, but even though it's there, it's not mine. Perhaps I can convince my parents to let me take the money out, as long as I leave some of the money I earn in there, to pay back. They're at a funeral today, that I would've had to go to if I'd known the deceased better, so I can't ask them now, but I should be able to when they get back. Problem is, by the time they arrive home, the bank will most likely have closed, and I don't have a bank card, or want one.

There are also 4 games that come out this month that I want. They are:

:: Megaman X Collection
:: Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
:: Megaman Battle Network 6 (Both versions)

So it's really a good thing that I've got a job now. For the time being though, I think I'm going to end this here, as I'm going to head to the bank and to EB Games this afternoon to get Metroid Prime Pinball. EB Games is at the other end of the city, however, so it's going to take a fair amount of time to get there by bike. I should also ask about how much a new PSP would cost while I'm there. Knowing them, they'll say that they have a preowned one, but I don't like preowned systems. They're far too scratched up and ruined in other ways for my taste.

That's it until next time I feel like writing something in here.

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