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Methinks Manoah is Getting Slightly Confused

Of the things we talked about at work tonight, one of them was furry related stuff. One of the things he was going to ask is whether or not Cola and Madius were furries as well (although he knows them as "Those guys who share the apartment you stayed at in London"), but it was sort of amusing, for the furtive glance towards Michelle before whispering "Are they... furries?" to me. Honestly, I could've cared less if he said anything then, because Michelle was the only other one there, and at worst she would've asked what we were talking about, and I'm sure Manoah would gladly do most of the explaining for me :p There was one other slightly amusing thing though. He worries so much about saying the word "furry" in that context around anyone that I haven't sent the email to, and yet he'll directly ask Michelle "Don't you think he'd make a better bear than a snow leopard?" Apparently I'm the perfect height for a bear or something, which is what I think he's getting confused about. While I'm sure some furries would rather see themselves as actual animals, the "anthropomorphic" part of it far outweighs that. But the only reason I can really think of to show him the difference is either finding some nondescript picture on Furaffinity or something, or showing him one of the wallpapers on my PSP. I think I have one of a picture Strype made, with a tiger dancing around or something *shrug* I don't work with him for a couple days now though, so we'll see what happens.

Oh, and he got extremely excited upon finding out that I'll have ears soon enough too ^^; I guess if nothing else I can wear them in there too some night he works, because he'll obviously get a kick out of them.

So otherwise it started out slightly busy and ended up dead tonight. The only order we got in the last hour or so was for an apple pie and a bag of twists, so Michelle let us close ten minutes early, and before then, we'd spent some time outside throwing a lid from a candy container around like a frisbee :3 Then I saw Amanda on the way home too, and of course her first question was "What's with the tail?", but by the time we'd finished talking I learned that she was on her way home from playing cards all night, and she's going in to Taco Bell tomorrow to talk to Earl and / or Sheila about getting her job back. We could use another closer to fill in for Karen now that she's off for 4 - 8 weeks, but that deserves it's own paragraph.

Perhaps it's just coincidence, but no sooner than *everybody* starts to get suspicious about money going missing from her till, she injures her ankle which requires her to take quite a bit of time off. But as I told Michelle and Manoah while we were sitting outside earlier in the night, now that she's gone (temporarily), they'll be able to figure out whether or not it was her taking the money. If it was, then it'll have stopped, and if it wasn't, chances are it'll still go missing. Now, if it is somebody else that's taking it, they might be smart enough to say "Karen was taking the blame before, so now that she's gone I might get caught if I take it again", but I really doubt the overall likelihood of that. Getting back to Karen though, if she ends up deciding not to come back to work period, that'll look even more suspicious, but that's just conjecture at this point.

And in non-work news, Naomi's birthday is this Thursday, and we're going to Boston Pizza for supper. I can't remember if I wore a tail there on Mother's Day (I don't think I did), but one way or another I will be this time~ But for Noir, that also means if you do have Thursday and Friday free this week, Friday would be better. Thursday would probably still work if nothing else, but I likely wouldn't end up leaving the house 'till 10 again :p

Otherwise, I beat Banjo-Kazooie before leaving for work, and have one jiggy left to collect in Mayahem Temple in Banjo-Tooie. Downloaded Conker's Bad Fur Day as well, but I don't plan on getting to that just yet.

For now though, it's bedtime, as usual. Maybe it won't rain tomorrow afternoon, because I need to walk *to* work some night this week. We'll see though, I guess. One of these nights I want to bring money along for Tim Hortons on the way home (and probably go the hour-long way to get there too), but we'll see what happens. I have a new route in mind that I've been meaning to try for a while, but that all depends on what it's like tomorrow night. I'd end this by saying "We'll see" again, but that'd just be redundant~

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