Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Much For Waiting

There was about half an hour in between waking up and Mom getting back from running Naomi around, but once I heard the van pull into the driveway, I phoned EB Games, found out they had what I wanted, and we went right out there~ I really should've waited, given the price of gas these days, but Mom didn't object, so... meh? Thursday is going to be silly for that too, in that we'll be going out there to get groceries around 4, coming home for a couple hours at most, then heading right back out there again to go to Boston Pizza. Erf. So perhaps next week I'll give Mom $50 as gas money. Well, with lots of emphasis on the "perhaps", because next pay will be the one where I have to give them at least $205. I still don't know what my account balance is now though, so I suppose I can check then and decide on the extra ten dollars accordingly.

But what did I get? Guitar Hero: On Tour, of course. Like most other games I get and only have an hour or so to play them, it's alright so far, but I still haven't figured out the "best" way to play. I already know I'm *not* going to try it without lefty flip on, but there doesn't seem to be any clear disadvantage to having the color flip on or off. Turning it on works ever so slightly better, but I can play it just as well with it off. Although I should've probably started on Hard to get used to the new controller as opposed to going straight to Expert. Oh well ^^ Hopefully it works fine if I download the ROM and put it on my R4DS too, because it'd be a pain to have to keep switching those :s

And then I finally got to wear my airbrushed tail to work earlier tonight, even though there was a severe thunderstorm warning earlier in the afternoon. I guess it blew over or something. But because of that, I now have to send emails to Eric, Kayley (again, because apparently she didn't get the first one I sent her), and Earl. He and Steve were trying to guess which sort of tail it was (species, namely), and came up with things such as "Emu" (from Earl), and a Wolf or Fox from Steve. Then they started asking for hints, so I ended up telling them it was two words, with the first being four letters, and the second being seven, ending in "w" and "d" respectively. Eric figured out the "Snow", and I heard Steve say something about "It's 'Snow Leopard'!" From the back :p Also according to Earl, there are some staff there (or so I assume) that think it's incredibly weird because they don't understand it, and that's fine. I don't ask that you understand it. All I care about is that you realize it's something that I want to do, no matter how strange it is. The only other question I seem to be getting about it now is "Where did you get it?" Off the internet, and while I'll give you specific URLs if you want, you're actually going to have to ask for them first.

But with that, I should probably send those emails then go to bed. It's only 5:30, but I'll probably play Guitar Hero for a little while longer~

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