Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think I Did the Right Thing...

Was out in the kitchen earlier this evening pouring a glass of water when Mom said she had something to tell me. Apparently Naomi doesn't (or didn't) want me to wear a tail when we go out for supper on Thursday because it's embarrassing. But then we had to head out for a bit, but she stayed at home, so before we left, I told her "It's your choice. Either I'll stay here, or I'll still come along, but I'm bringing this", and pointed at my tail. "If anyone finds it embarrassing, it should be me." When we got back, she came downstairs and said "You can still come, and you can wear your tail." Originally I was just going to say "Fine, I'll stay here then. I'm not going to not wear it just because you find it embarrassing", but that probably wouldn't have been quite as smart :p

But as for where we went, Staples, because Adam wanted to buy more RAM for the computer because it's running too slow or something. Long story short, the computer still isn't working now and I don't know what the problem is. I highly doubt it was the RAM, because plugging the old stuff back in didn't help any either. Before, when you pressed the power button, it'd beep, and the red hard drive light would blink to indicate, well, disk activity, I'd have to guess. Now there's no beep whatsoever, and both the power light and hard drive light stay on, even with no RAM connected at all, might I add. Once I finish writing this I plan on fiddling around with it a bit more (disconnecting everything except the power supply and CPU, for one), but if that doesn't work, it looks like I'm going to be buying a new computer tomorrow :\ Adam has agreed to cover some of the cost, but... feh. It's not throughly annoying, but just about. I should probably also mention that he's using one of Naomi's laptops in the meantime, but he's also made it quite clear that he wants an actual desktop computer back as soon as possible.

Lastly for now, I see why they had four closers scheduled tonight. There were solid orders for almost two hours, between 8 and 10. Gabby steamed for the first hour, then left at 9 because she was done, and I took over after, and was on line for more or less the rest of the night after that. It died down after 11 or so, but it was rather stressful at first. I suppose that's summer though *shrug*

Before I go out to mess with the computer though, and even though I doubt you'll see this before you leave, have fun at AC, Cola ^^ I wasn't going to say it at all, namely for remembering how many times I said it about FCN, but surely once is better than nothing at all~

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