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Another List of Things

[1] It was Naomi's birthday today, and as I mentioned before, we went out to Boston Pizza for supper. Apparently Adam paid for the entire thing too, which was quite generous of him, but we all said thanks, so meh. The weather on the way out there was awesome too, for how dark and stormy it looked, but thankfully it had stopped raining by the time we left. Otherwise, my tail would've gotten wet ;_; Speaking of which, the first thing our waitress asked after introducing herself was not if we'd like anything to drink, but rather "And what's this big fur thing you're sitting on?" Said it was a tail, then Adam said it was a tail, Mom said it was a good conversation piece or something, and finally she (the waitress) said "Well it's cool", and asked if she could start us off with anything to drink. Fun.

Since I've mentioned drinks though, something else. Since it was her 19th birthday, Naomi wanted to get some sort of alcoholic beverage, and asked for one. Of course, she was promptly asked for her ID, and realized she'd forgotten it at home. On Dad's printer / scanner, to be exact. Mom explained that she was just turning 19 today, but she still wouldn't have any of it. I agree with what she did, because I'm sure they get more than one customer (diner, perhaps?) per day that says they're of age, but don't have their ID, and it also turns into an "Well if I'm going to do this for you, I might as well do it for everybody" thing. Evidently Naomi didn't think so though. About ten minutes after that, Adam asked her if she was alright, and I looked up from my DS to see a look on her face as if she was about to start crying. She actually did start after we'd been given our food, and when we finally got out to the van, she explained what the problem was. "The stupid waitress ruined my birthday!"

Umm... forgive me for being rash, but I'm sorry. If all you look forward to on your ninteenth birthday is being able to drink, you really need to take another look at your priorities. I know I might be a bit biased, for having not had anything alcoholic to drink aside from one time where Josh thought he was being clever, but seriously. You literally have the rest of your life to do that sort of stuff. I know it's sort of a special thing to be able to do it on your birthday, but I hardly see how it's anything worth crying over.

[2] I take back what I said about the ears in our chat earlier tonight, Noir. The next day I work after I get them, whenever that happens to be, I'm going to put them on along with a tail, and walk there as normal. It's just been bothering me ever since I said it, and anybody that remotely cares about it would've already said something about the tail(s). I hate to be so existential, but I do not have the time to be worrying about what everyone else might think if I wear a pair of furry ears out in public. The one thing I still think is slightly weird about them is how you'd have two pairs of ears instead, but furry ones are definitely better than the others. Except in the being able to hear with them department.

[3] We went to Staples again tonight, where Adam bought a hard drive enclosure, as well as a 4GB USB stick. I set up the enclosure fine, but he wanted to transfer the files from his 1GB to the 4GB one. What did I have to do though. Attempt to format the new one to NTFS first, but accidentally specified the drive letter of the old one, thereby erasing all his files, which I couldn't recover even after running GetDataBack (both the NTFS and FAT32 versions), Recover My Files, Recuva, and Badcopy Pro. I am through with anything related to changing computer hardware for the next week or so, not by anybody else's choice, but by my own.

[4] Stemming from having installed all those programs, I'm currently in the process of backing everything up on my laptop right now, and either after that, before I go to bed, or tomorrow whenever I wake up, I'm going to reinstall Windows and start again. The other problem that brought it on was something in Firefox, where my RSS feed icons were stretched out too much, and no amount of rebooting or disabling extensions should work. I tried uninstalling Firefox 3 (I had the two running alongside each other, by way of two separate profiles), and I couldn't even access my bookmarks or anything after that. Feh. One thing I noticed just earlier though was that I could set up a network connection between my laptop and the new computer, so now I can listen to all the music I've downloaded without having to plug any external drives in. It's just a matter of remembering "\\snowcat\users\karadur\desktop\music". Yes, I named the computer "snowcat" and my laptop is named "snowleopard". I try to make a point, you know :3

And as for other little random bits, Adam gave me $80 towards paying off his half of the computer cost, so I'll probably be heading to the bank sometime tomorrow to deposit that. I don't know when the rest will be coming, but there's no rush. Played a bit more Starforce 2 at Boston Pizza earlier as well, but there's really nothing that makes me want to keep playing it yet. Meh. I should probably give it a bit more time. Otherwise, I should probably post this so I can give my full attention to backing stuff up here. I'd at least like to have that done before I call it a night~

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