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About the Same as Last Year...

We were quite busy at work tonight, and if what I was thinking is right, part of it is because of the fireworks they were having over by the Pines. Everybody was going there, but since Taco Bell is on the way for a good portion of them, they stopped by to get food. It died down after midnight because, by Steve's logic, nobody there was drinking, and thus they wouldn't come and get (more) food, but we did have two girls and a guy (presumably a father and his two daughters, because he looked older than them) try to walk through drive through. Thus, my new reason for not being able to take walk-ups now, if they ask, is that I'll get in trouble for doing so. I don't think the closing manager would really care (I mean, we're not supposed to, but it's really just a rule that only comes up when somebody tries to), but from my point of view, if I'm on drive through, that means I have to ring an order in and cash it through when I could be back doing dishes, and if I'm on line, have to make whatever food they order instead of being able to wipe it down or find something else that needs doing with it.

But on the way home, I stopped by the ATM (the across the street from Canadian Tire / Value Village) to check my balance, which sucked because of all the sand flies crowding around the thing, but was also good because I currently have ~$6,800 in there. All I care about at this point is that I have $7,000 in there, plus an extra fifty or so for next time I go to London. I doubt I'll actually spend that much, but meh. A little extra can't hurt.

And now, two items in the furry category:

[1] Before I left for work, I sent Chesh an email to see if there was a chance of having those ears before the 13th of next month. The reply I got from her said that there was, but she had one more pair to get to first, and that mine would be next up after that. Now, looking back to the reply she sent me on the 12th, I'm able to see that she "will start working on them asap today". Why? It's not going to make a huge difference if I don't have them by that Sunday, but why not just say "I have some other commissions to get to first, but I'll get to yours just as soon as I'm done them"? Erf.

[2] Sheila and Josh came in tonight, mainly to pick up some fry boxes that were being saved for them, but also just to chat. One of the things I overheard them talking about was how "he" had gone online and looked "it" up for himself, and how Sheila had told him to stop because "he" was her son, and "he" just stopped talking. Asked what they were talking about, and got told "Your tails", which cleared things up a bit. Earl had looked things up on his own, and was apparently telling her that he'd done so, and she told him to stop or something. I don't know where the "son" part comes in, but I used to stay the night over at their house with Josh so often that they called me their second son, so that may be why. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to Thursday, because Earl's there 'till ten. What do I plan on saying? "Y'know, there's a reason I said I'd tell you about it in an email..." He probably thinks that because I'm refusing to tell anyone else to their faces (at least for now), that he'll fill in the gap by looking up the details online and telling whoever wants to know. And that is something I have a problem with, not because it's embarrassing, but in that it shouldn't concern him in any way outside of that he sees me with a tail at work.

And as for other stuff, up to Grunty Industries in Banjo-Tooie, and last I recall I was given the task of investigating Foodtopia in Starforce 2. That game is actually starting to pick up slightly, but I still haven't a clue where the Zerker / Ninja thing(s) come in. I suppose that could be good in this case though, because surely they wouldn't leave the part of the game behind the name 'till halfway through (or even farther than that).

I think I might just head upstairs and play that for now though. I hadn't realized it was already 5, but before I do, one more thing: I need to try making these some time. Whenever the next time I have two days off in a row is or something. Finding interesting looking dessert recipes like that are one of the few things I find worthwhile with StumbleUpon, and that isn't the only one, but probably the easiest. Yeah~

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