Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Probably Going to Regret This

Just woke up. It's only 1 in the afternoon, and I went to bed at ~7. Six hours should be enough, to be technical about it, but I felt so tired and sluggish at work yesterday night that I figured I'd sleep in 'till at least 3 or so, but in between doing something in Pidgin, getting up to go to the bathroom, and coming back to make sure I'd typed the right thing, I'm really not tired anymore.

So yeah. The payment for my paws should be clearing today, probably shortly before I leave for work, if not sometime after, and I also got my pay stub at work yesterday, because today is a holiday, and thus Purolator or whoever normally brings them to us won't be open / running. Made ~$480, which will likely *just* put me up over $7,000 for the time being. I've something like $6,800 in my account right now, and we get paid on Thursday. Right away, Mom and Dad will be getting $205 of that then, plus, since July is a month with five Thursdays in it, I'll have to give Mom an extra $75 for groceries. But perhaps she won't need that right away. Assuming she does though, that'll mean $200 will be going into my account, bringing me up to 7k. Although I do still have to deposit that $80 Adam gave me, as well as that he should have the rest of the money for me since he gets paid this week too, so maybe I'll be able to go on Thursday or Friday~

Work tonight is going to be interesting as well, because Manoah is only scheduled to be there 'till 1, and it's a holiday, thus we'll be getting paid time and a half, and they won't want anybody to stay longer than they're supposed to. Even for an extra hour and a half or so to help us close. But that's fine, I guess. If it ends up being as busy as Canada Day last year was, perhaps Michelle and I will get paid straight through 'till 3.

As for game stuff, finished up Grunty Industries shortly after I got home from work last night (aside from one Jiggy that I could go back and get now, that is). For all the trouble we had with that land before (I'm not sure if we ever completely beat it), it's amazing how much easier it was that / this time. Well, not actually *easy*, but we kept getting lost before, and the only problem I had upon getting home was finding the battery for the door on the fourth floor. So now I've started Hailfire Peaks, which I hope to have finished sometime tomorrow. If not, meh, it's not a big deal, but that's pretty much the way the rest of the lands have gone.

And then in Starforce 2, I have to find / save Amy, and Bud too, even though the game hasn't told me to do that yet.

I have to remember to bring Guitar Hero to work tonight as well, because I know Michelle will like it, and last time I worked with Brandon, he asked me if I had it as well.

At any rate though, I might as well get up for a change. Well, not actually up, because then I'd be bothered about being downstairs so early, but at least find something to do to pass some time~

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