Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

More Fun With the Tail(s)~

On the way across the Third Street bridge as I was heading to work, someone grabbed it, and I turned around to see two girls I'd passed a few seconds earlier. They said it was cool, laughed, let go of it, and I continued on my way. Further down the street a bit, a black truck drove past me, and the passenger literally stuck his head right out the window and looked back towards me. And finally, I heard the guy at 7-11 say "... the hell?" as I walked out the door. Yay :3 Now to just get my ears (and possibly paws too, although they'd be better left 'till it starts getting cooler out), and we'll really be getting somewhere ^^; And after the paws, it's *probably* going to be a head, but I'm not going to start worrying about that 'till, oh, after MFF, in all likelihood.

Before I get to work and other usual stuff though, something directed to Cola: either somebody restarted my laptop while I was at work, or it restarted on it's own, but if you saw and responded to that question I'd asked in MSN, what did you say? I forgot to enable the chat logging thing in Pidgin after formatting and installing everything again too, so I can't just look at that :s

So anyways, work. First of all, it was busy. Up 'till midnight or so, at any rate. Second, Josh brought his laptop in, so of course, instead of getting dishes done and keeping line clean, etc., most / all of the supper staff were crowding around it watching whichever movie he had on. The funny part about that is after I'd changed into my uniform, I closed the back door because there's a note on the board at the back about how it's to be kept closed during the summer so bugs don't get in, and he thought it was Michelle, and started packing it up. Let's see though... I got stuck on drive through, and had to catch up on all the dishes (including carryover bus bins from the morning), had to take line down at the end of the night because Manoah left at 1, and other things that generally made it not a good night.

Towards the cleaning up though, I shouldn't complain, because I don't mind it after we've closed, but trying to get line taken down or other stuff done while we're open and having to make orders in between is utterly annoying.

Oh, and there was also a note on the handwashing sheet for tomorrow, from Ange. Brooke agreed to take her 11 - 5 shift tomorrow in return for Ange taking her 4 - 8 on Saturday. After a bit of thinking, I wrote a note of my own, and taped it underneath that one. What did it say? "Since when were regular staff and managers able to switch shifts?" Seriously. I was going to leave a note for both the openers, asking them to please make sure they washed the carryover bus bins in the morning, and also for Josh, to explain that his laptop really has / had no place at work aside from making the schedule, and thus he shouldn't bring it in to watch movies or listen to music on. But I didn't, for the time being, although if it happens again, I'll leave that note for the openers, and actually pull Josh out into the hallway to say "Put it away" if and when he has it out again.

On the good side of things though, we were there 'till 3, which makes seven hours that I got paid time and a half for. I believe that works out to ~$84, which is quite alright.

But now I have a day off, which I plan on using mainly for sleeping in, and also for going through Cloud Cuckooland in Banjo-Tooie. The only things I have left to get that aren't there are two jiggies (one in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, and the other in Terrydactyland), and a single Jinjo in Spiral Mountain. Meh.

And with that, I think I'm going to go back to the game. I don't particularly *want* to do Cloud Cuckooland, but one of the reasons for that is because I've never completely beaten it before. There's a first time for everything~

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